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BTS, NewJeans, SEVENTEEN, other K-bands take over Billboard's World Albums Chart

Billboard recently published its World Albums Chart and lo and behold it's been dominated by iconic K-pop bands. Read more below.

Kpop dominates Billboard
Kpop dominates Billboard | Image:Kpop dominates Billboard I Instagram

BTS, NewJeans, SEVENTEEN, and more K-pop bands dominate the Billboard's World Albums Chart. In a remarkable display of dominance, K-pop continues to assert its global influence as Billboard's recent World Albums Chart, ending December 16, unveils a lineup predominantly led by iconic K-pop sensations.

Billboard recently published its World Albums Chart for the week I BTS / Instagram


ATEEZ commands the top position with their latest release, THE WORLD. Their album not only secures the No.1 spot on the World Albums Chart but also debuts atop prestigious Billboard charts like the Billboard 200, Top Album Sales, and Top Current Album Sales.

Stray Kids 

Stray Kids persist in their triumph, holding steady at No.2 with their mini-album ROCKSTAR, maintaining an impressive fourth consecutive week in the chart's top echelons. Additionally, their 5-STAR continues to thrive, maintaining its presence at No.10 for an astounding 27th week.


ENHYPHEN showcases its prowess with ORANGE BLOOD, solidifying its grip at No.3 for the third consecutive week on the World Albums Chart. Simultaneously, the album marks its third week on the Billboard 200, securing position 137.

Top spots on the Billboard chart are dominated by iconic K-pop bands I NewJeans / Instagram


NewJeans' album Get Up retains its No.4 rank on the World Albums Chart, achieving a milestone of 20 consecutive weeks on this prestigious ranking. Meanwhile, their debut EP, New Jenas, makes a strong comeback, finding its place among the top 15 after an impressive 45 non-consecutive weeks on the chart.


TXT's The Name Chapter: FREEFALL continues to captivate audiences, maintaining a stronghold at No.5 for the eighth consecutive week, showcasing the band's unwavering popularity.

SEVENTEEN's 'SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN' holds strong at No.6 I SEVENTEEN / Instagram


SEVENTEEN's SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN holds strong at No.6, marking its commendable seventh week on the World Albums Chart.


Even during their hiatus, BTS retains a stellar presence with their 2022 anthology album 'Proof,' marking an impressive 78 weeks on the chart and climbing back to a commendable No.7.


aespa's Drama secures the No.11 spot for the fourth consecutive week, exhibiting the band's consistent appeal. NCT127's Fact Check continues its success story, ranking at No.12 for the ninth week.


Making an impactful re-entry, FIFTY FIFTY's The Beginning impressively marks its 10th non-consecutive week at No.13. Similarly, LE SSERAFIM's UNFORGIVEN makes a comeback at No.14, re-establishing its presence on the chart.

The chart's latest iteration underscores the unwavering dominance and global resonance of K-pop, with these remarkable acts showcasing their enduring impact on the music industry.


Published December 17th, 2023 at 22:14 IST

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