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Delightfully Deceitful actor Kim Dong Wook gets married to girlfriend Stella in lavish ceremony

Kim Dong Wook tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend Stella on Friday.

Kim Dong Wook
Kim Dong Wook wedding | Image:Kim Dong Wook/Instagram

Kim Dong Wook, best known for his role in Coffee Prince and Delightfully Deceitful, has embarked on a new journey in his life. The actor tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend Stella on Friday. The latter is a former trainee at SM Entertainment.

Inside Kim Dong Wook, Stella's white wedding

Breaking the news through Kim Dong Wook's agency, KeyEast, the couple expressed the foundation of their commitment—faith and belief in each other. The couple exchanged wedding vows in a lavish ceremony in Seoul.

The bride donned an elegant off-shoulder gown, her hair styled in a bun.  Kim Dong Wook sported a tuxedo. Reports suggest that the wedding was attended by a select circle of close friends and family from both sides.

When Kim Dong Wook, Stella announced wedding

The couple issued a statement earlier this year informing about their winter wedding. The statement read, "I am both an idealist and a skeptic when it comes to love, but mostly the latter; and so, I was never one for public displays of affection. I am a wide open book when it comes to the sharing of my thoughts, but I was always relatively private with love, because it bears a lot of weight. And so much of that weight I had never come to terms with to be able to put into words."


It continued, "But when I met this man, I found not only my skepticism but also my ideals getting swept under the rug. Upon sharing my first stories about him with my closests, there were so many tears (that, for once, didn’t come from me but came from them) of what I interpreted to be a mix of joy and relief when they heard me say that he makes me happy. I didn’t realize I had never once said that until then, and I suppose it’s because happiness too carries so much weight. It’s as if I had semi-banned it from my vocabulary to avoid bastardizing it."

"Within all my lives and identities, he finds the purest, most youthful version of me to hold closely. And through our stark differences, his impatience & stubbornness, and his peculiar ways of moving through the world, I find the most endearing and lovable boy. And so here is to soon and to forever. I promise to bear all the weight of our hearts. I carry your heart with me," the note concluded. 


Published December 24th, 2023 at 11:57 IST

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