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Former Highlight Member Yong JunHyung Adresses Fans While Confirming Relationship With Hyuna

Yong Jun Jyung posted on fromm addressing his relationship status with Hyuna. He requested the fans for positive perceptions of their relationship.

A file photo of HyunA and Junhyung | Image:Instagram

K-pop star Hyuna recently made headlines when she posted a picture with former Highlight member Junhyung. The post, which seemed like a relationship announcement, did not get an official statement from any of the singer’s agency. Some even speculated if it was about a collaboration between the two stars. However, Junhyung put all the doubts to rest with a note on the messaging platform fromm. 

Yong JunHyung-Hyuna’s romance goes public 

Yong Jun Jyung posted on fromm addressing his relationship status with Hyuna. He requested the fans for positive perceptions, asking people to "please look at us beautifully/warmly," a common request for assistance and blessings. He revealed that their relationship exudes "positive energy," a feeling that is frequently connected to romantic involvement.

In his message, Yong Jun Hyung expressed warm wishes, reassured fans about their well-being, and urged everyone to look after themselves. Even though many were taken aback by the unexpected news, he thanked supporters and urged them to stick with them.

Screengrab of Yong JunHyung's message 


His note read, “Hi! I figured the surprise news might have been shocking to all. We’re doing well, bringing positive energy to each other. I wish that you would please support us! Even though the weather’s getting warmer during the day, it’s still cold at night. I hope you take care of yourselves, don’t get sick, and have a good dinner.” 


Yong JunHyung and Yuna’s K-pop career 

HyunA left JYP in 2008 and joined Cube Entertainment, where she made her second debut as a member of the five-piece girl group 4MINUTE. Similarly, Yong Jun Hyung made his debut with CUBE in the six-piece boy group BEAST following the TV documentary series MTV B2ST.

Image shared by Hyuna 


The two groups interacted frequently, and their relationship grew stronger after HyunA launched her solo career. They were known for their flirtatious performances at concerts. In 2016, Yong Jun Hyung and HyunA appeared as guests on the variety show Happy Together.







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