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My Lovely Boxer Star Lee Sang Yeob Opens Up About His Non-celebrity Fiancee, Wedding Plans

Actor Lee Sang Yeob opens up about his March wedding, expressing gratitude and apologizing for his fiancee's meticulous efforts. Fans get excited for the event.

Lee Sang Yeob
Lee Sang Yeob | Image:Lee Sang Yeob I IMDb

South Korean actor Lee Sang Yeob shared heartfelt details about his impending wedding and his relationship with his non-celebrity fiancee during a recent episode of Fun-Staurant. The episode, aired on January 19, featured a pre-wedding celebration hosted by Sang Yeob for his close friends, offering a glimpse into the preparations for his March wedding.

Lee Sang Yeob opens up about his wedding plans and expresses gratitude to his fiancee

Expressing his gratitude, Sang Yeob acknowledged his fiancee's meticulous planning for the wedding. Despite feeling thankful, he also admitted to a sense of apology, stating, "I feel kind of apologetic because it feels like only she's working on the wedding. Even if I'm by her side, I'm not that much help." The actor's candid reflection on their collaborative efforts added a personal touch to the wedding preparations.

Lee Sang Yeob opens up about his wedding plans and expresses gratitude to his fiancee I Image: IMDb

Responding to speculations, Sang Yeob clarified that the wedding wasn't a shotgun affair, asserting, "We're really not pregnant." He further shared insights into the connection he shares with his fiancee, emphasizing how she sees and understands him deeply. Sang Yeob expressed comfort in their shared perspectives, creating a foundation for their journey together.


Highlighting his fiancee's culinary talents, Sang Yeob praised her cooking skills and shared moments of joy when he cooked for her. As the actor approaches this significant life milestone, fans join in his anticipation for the wedding and celebrate the joyous moments shared on Fun-Staurant.

Lee Sang Yeob's versatile career and personal milestones

Known for his versatile roles in South Korean television dramas, Lee Sang Yeob has made a mark in the industry with notable performances in various genres. From sitcoms like Living Among the Rich to melodramas like The Innocent Man, his acting prowess has garnered acclaim.

Lee Sang Yeob's versatile career and personal milestones I Image: IMDb

In his personal life, Lee Sang Yeob, the grandson of the late businessman Kim Jong Jin, is set to embark on a new journey with his non-celebrity fiancee. Their wedding, scheduled for March 2024, adds a joyous milestone to the actor's flourishing career, further endearing him to fans as they witness his personal happiness unfold.


Published January 21st, 2024 at 23:53 IST

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