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Queen Of Tears Production Company Shuts Down Rumours About Kim Soo Hyun’s Whopping Paycheck

Early reports suggested that Kim Soo Hyun was paid an astounding 800 million KRW for each episode of Queen Of Tears and a total of a 12.8 billion KRW,

Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun | Image:Korean Wiki

There has been much talk about the outrageous fee that actor Kim Soo Hyun received for his part in the television drama Queen of Tears. According to early reports, he was paid an astounding 800 million KRW for each episode and a total of a staggering 12.8 billion KRW, or 9.5 million USD. The producers, however, has intervened to provide clarification and refute these rumours.

Queen of Tears team issues clarification of Kim Soo Hyun’s pay rate

The firm vehemently refuted the rumours about Kim Soo Hyun’s fee for Queen Of Tears, claiming there was no way the actor could be charging so much for his part in the drama. The production crew declared in a statement that "It is absolutely not true that he gets paid ₩800 million KRW (approximately $597,000 USD). He is paid significantly less,” according to Koreaboo.


Kim Soo Hyun - Movies & TV Shows


Sports Chosun received information from an industry insider that shed more light on the situation. According to reports, Kim Soo Hyun accepted a significant wage cut for "Queen of Tears." Sources claim that his worries about the series' rising production expenses were the reason for this decision. The actor made the decision to drastically lower his price after seeing the financial hardship the production was experiencing. 


Kim Soo Hyun’s dating scandal

Earlier, the actor also came under the limelight for sparking dating rumours with actress Kim Sae Ron after their photo was accidentally shared on social media. The news broke after a now-deleted Instagram post showed them looking very affectionate while posing together in a selfie. 



Kim Soo Hyun Kim Sae Ron: ​​Kim Sae-Ron BREAKS SILENCE After Leaking  'Intimate' Pic With Kim Soo-Hyun, Reignite Dating Rumours | Korean News -  Times Now


Netizens quickly responded with screenshots expressing shock, excitement, and curiosity about the potential relationship. However, Kim Soo Hyun's agency was quick to deny the dating reports. 



Published March 26th, 2024 at 21:57 IST

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