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SEVENTEEN's brother group TWS accused of logo plagiarism by TWM strap

TWM Strap took to its official channels to share that TWS had allegedly plagiarised their meticulously crafted logo.

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TWS, the brother group of SEVENTEEN is all set to make its debut. However, ahead of the official debut, the K-Pop group found itself embroiled in a logo plagiarism controversy before even making its official debut. The controversy erupted when custom watch strap brand TWM Strap accused TWS of copying their self-designed logo.

TWM strap claims logo plagiarism

On January 2, TWM Strap took to its official channels to share that TWS had allegedly plagiarised their meticulously crafted logo. The custom watch strap brand claimed that the similarities were too striking, emphasising that the logo was hand-drawn and held a trademark. They declared their intention to file a formal complaint of trademark infringement through legal channels.

(Image: TWM Strap, Pledis Entertainment)

TWM Strap called for a comparison between their logo and TWS's, expressing disbelief at the apparent similarities. They stressed the uniqueness and significance of their logo, protected under trademark law, and vowed to respond robustly to what they perceive as plagiarism. The brand also highlighted the personal investment in their creative work, dating back to September 2018, and condemned any form of copying.


"This is my creative work that has continued since September 2018. It’s currently a trademarked asset under protection. Copying is unacceptable. It’s the face of this brand,” and warned, “I’m receiving threatening messages, but I’ll capture them and include them as evidence when I file a complaint," the brand said.

TWM Strap issues a warning

Facing what they deemed an "unacceptable situation", TWM Strap warned of impending legal action. They revealed receiving threatening messages but asserted their determination to capture and include them as evidence when filing the complaint. The brand left a direct message on TWS's official channel, asserting ownership of the trademark and urging the group to address the matter. The statement read, “It seems like you’ve used a similar trademark. I’ve already registered and hand-drawn the trademark, and it appears you copied it with only slight modifications. Please contact us regarding this. We will take legal action.”

TWS' agency Pledis Entertainment issues statement

In response to the allegations, TWS's agency, Pledis Entertainment, issued a brief statement, stating that they are currently reviewing the matter. The agency's response leaves fans and industry observers awaiting further developments in the unfolding controversy.


Published January 5th, 2024 at 13:54 IST

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