Updated January 12th, 2024 at 18:28 IST

Antony On OTT: When And Where To Watch Joju George’s Action Drama On Digital

A month after its release, Joju George’s Antony will now captivate viewers' attention on the digital platform. It can now be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Antony | Image:IMDb

Joju George starrer Antony made its theatrical debut on December 1. Even after getting mixed reviews, the film was a commercial success at the box office. A month after its release, the movie will now captivate viewers on the digital platform since it can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video for those who were unable to see it in theaters.

What is Antony about? 

Antony explores the life of Joju George's character Antony Anthrappan. He is described as one of the city's most known criminals, having done numerous crimes, including the cruel act of setting a sub-inspector on fire. 

Still from Antony | Image: IMDb


Claimed as an action drama, this movie promises to be an exciting fusion of suspenseful dramatic storytelling and action-packed scenes. However, it also promises to transport viewers on an emotional trip that goes beyond the confines of blood relationships.

Antony’s box office performance 

The film received praise for the outstanding performances given by its main actors, despite facing criticism for what some consider to be a dull storyline. Joju and Kalyani were praised in particular for saving this Joshiy action movie, which improved the reviews. 

Still from Antony | Image: IMDb


With Joju and Kalyani in key parts, the action drama accomplished a noteworthy milestone by earning Rs 1 crore on its first day of release. Moreover, the responses posted online show a mixed response, containing both good and negative views.

Directed by Joshiy, Antony's supporting cast includes names like Kalyani Priyadarshan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Nyla Usha, Asha Sharath, Appani Sarath, and Vijayaraghavan. The film's music is composed by Jake Bejoy, while Renadive and Shyam Sasidharan were the directors of cinematography and editing, contributing to the film's overall visual appeal.


Published January 12th, 2024 at 18:28 IST