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BREAKING: Kerala HC grants Suresh Gopi anticipatory bail in woman journalist case

Kerala High Court has granted anticipatory bail to Malayalam actor and politician Suresh Gopi in

BREAKING: Kerala High Court grants anticipatory bail to actor-politician Suresh Gopi
BREAKING: Kerala High Court grants anticipatory bail to actor-politician Suresh Gopi | Image:X

On Monday, January 8, Kerala High Court granted anticipatory bail to Malayalam cine actor and politician Suresh Gopi in a case against him for alleged misbehavior with a woman journalist. Nadakkavu Police registered the case in late October after a complaint from a woman journalist who works with a local television channel. The former BJP Rajya Sabha member landed in trouble after a video surfaced online in which he is seen placing his hand on the shoulder of the journalist, during a media interaction.

Suresh Gopi issues an apology after criticism 

Facing intense criticism from various quarters, the actor issued an apology. He claimed that he treated the journalist with affection. Despite his apology, various quarters pointed out that his behaviour had been inappropriate. Taking to social media most, the politician stated that till date neither in public or private space has he behaved inappropriately. "Now that the lady journalist has expressed her feelings, I fully accept it. I apologise to her if she felt bad and has been affected in any manner," said Gopi. 

He further mentioned that he has never been disrespectful to anyone in his life, both on and off stage. He also apologised to the journalist for any mental agony she might have suffered due to the entire incident. “But, in my opinion, whatever she feels about it should be respected. I tender an apology if she felt bad or suffered any mental stress anyway... Sorry,” he said on the social media post. 

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Journalist's response to Suresh Gopi's apology

The journalist also took up the issue with the Kerala Women's Commission, which sought a report from the District Police Chief on the incident. She lodged the complaint along with a video said to be of the incident. The city police commissioner handed over the video to the local police for further action. 




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