Updated January 16th, 2024 at 18:40 IST

Did You Know Mammootty Was Not The First Choice For Abraham Ozler? Jayaram Spills The Tea

Abraham Ozler's lead actor Jayaram has revealed that Mammootty wasn't the first choice for the movie but the makers considered many others before him.

Mammootty in Abraham Ozler | Image:IMDb

Midhun Manuel Thomas's Malayalam movie Abraham Ozler arrived in theatres on January 11 and has been earning quite praise ever since. Actor Jayaram who played the lead role in this has now revealed during an interview with the Manorama channel that Megastar Mammootty was not the initial choice for the pivotal role of Alexander in the movie.

Who was the first choice to play Alexander in Abraham Ozler?

Despite initial contemplation of actors like Sathyaraj, Sarathkumar, Prakash Raj, and even Suresh Gopi, the casting took an unexpected turn when Mammootty expressed keen interest in the film's storyline after a coincidental meeting with director Midhun.

Mammootty in Abraham Ozler | Image: IMDb

Initially declining the offer, Midhun revisited the idea following Jayaram's conviction that Mammootty would bring a unique essence to Alexander's character. Encouraged by Jayaram's belief, Midhun approached Mammootty again and he eventually agreed to take on the role.


Abraham Ozler’s box office success

Abraham Ozler not only marks Jayaram's magnificent comeback in Mollywood but has also proven to be a box office success, collecting over Rs 11 crore within the first five days of its release. The film accumulated an estimated net of Rs 10.65 crores in India. On its fifth day, Abraham Ozler continued to draw audiences with early estimates indicating an additional Rs 1.25 crore in India's net collections.

Abraham Ozler poster | Image: IMDb

The day-wise box office collections can be traced as Day 1 (1st Thursday): Rs 2.8 crores; Day 2 (1st Friday): Rs 2.15 crores; Day 3 (1st Saturday): Rs 2.7 crores; Day 4 (1st Sunday): Rs 3 crores; and Day 5 (1st Monday): Rs 1.25 crores (early estimates). The first five days' total stands at Rs 11.90 crore.

Other than Jayaram and Mammootty, Abraham Ozler also stars Anaswara Rajan, Arjun Ashokan, Anoop Menon and Siddique in pivotal roles.


Published January 16th, 2024 at 18:40 IST