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Oru Sarkar Ulpannam Undergoes Title Change From Censor Board, Director Lal Jose Reacts

Malayalam film Oru Sarkar Ulpannam, initially titled Oru Bharatha Sarkar Ulpannam, has been directed by the censor board for a title change.

Lal Jose | Image:IMDb

Oru Sarkar Ulppannam was all slated to hit theatres on March 1. The film however, now stands postponed to a March 8 release. This comes after the film ran into an issue with its original title - which made a reference to the country through the term 'Bharatha'. The Central Board of Film Certification recently directed the makers of the film to scrap the term from the title. Director Lal Jose, has now reacted to the same.

Lal Jose weighs in on the censorship debate

Following the CBFC directing the makers of Oru Sarkar Ulppannam to alter their title, post which it would get a U certification, Lal Jose reacted to the same at a media event. Pointing out other instances of film's involving the term 'Bharat' in them, the director also reflected on how an upcoming lineup of films too carry the term in their title in some capacity. He also vouched for the Oru Sarkar Ulppannam as a family entertainer, sans any political undertones. 


He further added, "I came to know that there is an upcoming film that is coming by the name Bharatham and also there is the superhit film, Chak De India in Bollywood. Also, there are several other upcoming movies that has the title Bharat, let's wait and see what will happen to them."


Malayalam cinema has enjoyed a strong February at the box office

On a separate note, Malayalam cinema has been enjoying quite the high when it comes to its cumulative box office report for the month of February. Films Premalu, Bramayugam, and Manjummel Boys have been enjoying an immensely strong run at the theatres. Premalu and Manjmmel Boys stand out in this regard owing to their humble budgets.


Romantic comedy Premalu, backed by Fahadh Faasil, released in theatres on February 9. Built on a budget of ₹3 crores, a Sacnilk report places its domestic collections at ₹42.2 crores and its worldwide gross at ₹84 crores. The Mammootty led experimental black and white horror film Bramayugam, released in theatres on February 15. A Sacnilk report shares its domestic collections thus far to be ₹25.82 crores domestically and ₹55.5 crores, worldwide, thus far. Finally, Manjummel Boys, which released in theatres on February 22, has minted ₹47 crores at the domestic box office with ₹96.85 crores worldwide - the film was mounted on a budget of ₹14 crores. 


Published March 4th, 2024 at 23:32 IST