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The GOAT Life: Prithviraj Sukumaran's official first look poster out, release date confirmed

Aadujeevitham is adapted from a highly acclaimed novel by author Benyamin. Besides Prithviraj, the film stars Amala Paul in a pivotal role.

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Aadujeevitham | Image:Twitter

Malayalam star Prithviraj Sukumaran took to social media to share a new poster of his upcoming film Aadujeevitham : The Goat Life as well as confirm the release date for the film. Aadujeevitham is directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Blessy, and is slated to release on April 10, 2024. 

Prithviraj in The Goat Life first look | Image: Instagram/Prithviraj

Aadujeevitham adapted from a novel based on true events


The new poster comprises of an extreme close shot of Prithviraj’s face, where his character is clearly exhausted from the exertions of his journey. At the same time, Prithviraj’s intense gaze tears through the image, conveying the protagonist’s determination. 

Meanwhile, Prithviraj’s Salaar co-star Prabhas too shared the poster of the film on his page, adding the caption, “Thrilled to unveil the first look poster of Prithviraj sir’s The Goat Life - journey of indomitable human spirit. Embark on this extraordinary survival adventure starting from January 10, 2024.”


Speaking about the launch of his remarkable first look, Prithviraj Sukumaran shared, “I was fully aware of the challenges I’d face throughout the making of the film. Despite that, it pushed me to my limits, both physically and mentally. I have dedicated five years of my life to my character in the film, Najeeb. Having gone through extreme physical transformations more than once, it was my goal to perfect the look and feel of the character.”

The story of Aadujeevitham: The Goat Life revolves around the trials and tribulations of a goat herder who finds himself stranded and struck in extremely adverse circumstances. Besides Prithviraj Sukumaran, the film also features notable actors such as Amala Paul and Shobha Mohan in prominent roles. The Goat Life is based on a true story, and adapted from a highly acclaimed novel of the same name, from notable author Benyamin, which was first published in 2008. 

Academy award winner A.R.Rahman has composed the music for this film.


Aadujeevitham was in production for 5 years

The film has been in the planning and development stage for many years. Director Blessy reportedly wanted to buy the adaptation rights in 2009 and begin the production right away. However, due to budget constraints, Aadujeevitham went into production planning only in 2015. 


The Goat Life is reportedly mounted on a massive scale, shot at various locations across the globe over several years. The film’s shooting took place from early 2018 to 2022 in five separate shoot schedules in various parts of the world, like Jordan, Algeria, The Sahara and the deserts of Wadi Rum, Jordan. Some scenes were shot in Kerala as well. The Aadujeevitham team was also stuck in Jordan for over 2 months when the CoVID pandemic struck in 2020. 

Aadujeevitham is an international co-production, being produced by  Visual Romance Image Makers, Jet Media Production and Alta Global Media. 


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