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'Money Heist' writer regrets killing THIS character, says could have reconsidered it

In a recently released documentary on Netflix, the writer reveals that he regrets killing Berlin in Money Heist. Read more to know about it.

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Money Heist is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. Money Heist Season 4 was launched recently and fans are going gaga over it. Netflix recently released a documentary about the show. In the documentary, Money Heist creator, Alex Pina revealed that he regrets killing the character of Berlin in Money Heist.

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In the documentary, Alex Pina revealed that he had to kill Berlin in Money Heist because someone told him that his character does not fit with the times and he should take him out of the series. He said that he had no intention of taking Berlin out of the series. Talking about Berlin in Money Heist, Pina referred to him as a misogynist, narcissist and psychopath in many ways. 

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He further added that without such characters, it gets boring in the series as fewer things happen. He also mentioned that it helps to have such characters in the series to make it more interesting as the audience wants things to happen and there is nothing better than a villain who the audience empathizes with. In a recent media interaction, the script coordinator of Money Heist Javier Gomez Santander confessed that if he had known that the show would reach such great heights of success, the makers would have reconsidered the killing of Berlin in Money Heist.

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Berlin in Money Heist is played by Pedro Alonso. It was one of the most popular characters on the show. If anyone is wondering about is Berlin alive in Money Heist, the answer is.. No. In season 2, Berlin sacrifices himself in a bid to help his team escape from the Royal Mint of Spain. The popular character took several bullets on the chest as others escaped with the money. However, the beloved character returns in the third and fourth season of Money Heist in flashbacks. Fans of the series and Berlin wish that the character was still alive to make the series more interesting.


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