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TikTok's 'salt challenge' has people swallowing lots of salt and it’s dangerous

The latest TikTok challenge has been dubbed the 'Salt Challenge'. It involves the participant consuming copious amounts of salt, which has negative effects.

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New Tik Tok challenge requiring one to consume a lot of salt
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New TikTok challenge that has been dubbed as the 'salt challenge' could be extremely harmful to its participants. This newest challenge involves pouring a lot of salt into one's mouth and seems very similar to the 'cinnamon challenge' that involved the participant eating a spoonful of cinnamon.

A dangerous new trend

It is not clear what one has to do to emerge victorious out of this challenge. The challenge was originally uploaded on TikTok by user @okayimjonathan and has almost 12,5000 likes and over 200 comments on their challenge. According to reports, the consumption of excessive quantities of salt can lead to poisoning, seizures, and vomiting.


Another Viral Tik Tok challenge

A TikTok challenge that has recently been doing the rounds on social media has been discovered to have some potentially dangerous consequences. The challenge involves the use of the phone's back camera to shoot the video and keep the flash on and point it at one's eyes.

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Apparently this can temporarily change one's eye colour. But social media users have discovered that this trick actually does not work. The trend was started by TikTok user  Maliabroo. She originally shared the video claiming that the new filter called S5 on TikTok could actually change the eye colour from brown to blue.

In reality, the filter only adds a slightly blue hue to the videos and does not do anything else. The trend quickly took off and while in Malibroo's video it seems to be working the filter seems useless in the countless other videos that have been flooding the platform.

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According to reports, the flash from the back camera which is aimed directly at the eyes may cause 'Flash Blindness' which is temporary but for some, it can also cause permanent blindness.


Published March 4th, 2020 at 17:11 IST

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