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Bhakshak Director Opens Up About Making Bhumi Pednekar Starrer Amid Cancer Battle, Financial Hurdles

Bhakshak is a crime thriller film that released on OTT on February 9. The film is directed by Pulkit who recently made a shocking revelation about his health.

BTS photo from Bhakshak
BTS photo from Bhakshak | Image:X

Bhakshak is a crime thriller film starring Bhumi Pednekar that released on Netflix on February 9. The film is directed by Pulkit, who is well known for his film Maroon. However, during a recent interview, Pulkit revealed that he was fighting for his life when he started to work on Bhakshak.

Pulkit was fighting cancer during Bhakshak shoot?

In a conversation with Rediff, Bhakshak director Pulkit revealed that he was in a lot of pain during the shooting of the film. He said, "I was in a lot of pain in 2019, hooked to IVs in a hospital, fighting a demon called cancer. My wife Jyotsana, who is also my co-writer, suggested that to come out of the bad times, we need to write."

Bhakshak team | Image: X


Pulkit continued, "We started looking out for stories through which we can reflect on pain and suffering. We came to know about a shelter home mishap in Deoria. We started digging further, (and found that) a lot of shelter home cases, across the country, were having the same story."

Bhakshak director Pulkit | Image: X


Bhakshak director Pulkit added, "We were curious, so we went deeper. A lot of shelter homes, across the globe, were having the same story. We were broke, but suddenly we felt that our pain was nothing. That was the moment, when we started writing this film."

Pulkit shares what was the inspiration behind Bhakshak

During the same interview, Pulkit shared what inspired him to make Bhakshak. He said, "A lot of other shelter home cases across the globe have inspired me to make this." "Bhumi Pednekar was my first choice. We narrated the film to Bhumi and then she disappeared. There was no response for the next six months. Then one day, she called and said the script was haunting her. She wanted to be Vaishali (her character in the film)," Pulkit added. 


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