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Ted maker drop OTT release details, the riqsue comedy series to have its premiere on this date

Earlier, the makers of Ted had released a teaser on November 16, followed by an official trailer on November 29. Ted is written and directed by Seth Macfarlane.

Ted poster
Ted poster | Image:IMDb

The makers of very-successful film franchise Ted recently announced the next part of their franchise, this time in the form of a TV series. The show has been written and directed by Seth Macfarlane. 

A still from Ted | Image: IMDb

Series to follow John Bennett’s post-fame journey

From the looks of its trailer, the show has been pegged as a coming-of-age drama which offers a good balance of laughter and feel-good drama. 

Ted is clearly set in a different time era, in early 90s Massachusetts. Ted’s fame has gradually withered away, and now he lives a quiet life away from limelight with a teenager named John and his family, along with Cousin Blaire. The mini series shall trace the daily life of a teenaged John Bennett as he sets off for his high school experience along with Ted. Considering this show also features a younger and less cynical Ted, one can surely expect his jokes to be more palatable yet equally hilarious for a younger audience.  


Series to serve as prequel to Ted films

The show will reportedly serve as a prequel to both the Ted films, by strategically placing the events of its story its right after the wish fulfillment of a young John, and right before an adult Mark Wahlberg ends up living with his magical stuffed toy. The Ted franchise films, Ted and Ted 2 had released in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Both the earlier films too were directed by Seth Macfarlane who made his feature film with Ted. Besides the Ted franchise movies, Macfarlane has also directed the 2014 movies A Million Ways to Die In The West.

A Million Ways to Die In The West poster | Image: IMDb

Earlier, the makers of Ted had released a teaser on November 16, followed by the release of official trailer on November 29.  Ted will have its OTT premiere on the streaming platform Peacock on January 11. 


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