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As Griselda Premieres On OTT, Know All Columbian Drug Lord Griselda Blanco AKA 'Cocaine Godmother'

Sofia Vergara plays Columbian drug lord Griselda Blanco in this web series released on Netflix. Read who was the real Cocaine Godmother and her story.

Griselda | Image:Griselda I Image: X/ @bhlorraine

Griselda, the recently-released gritty crime series, has been receiving positive reviews. The series features Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and narrates the story of an ambitious Colombian businesswoman called Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most powerful drug cartels in history, earning the moniker of ‘the godmother of cocaine.’ The series which is currently available on the OTT platform Netflix earned praise to Sofia Vergara for her performance who is being called to be almost unrecognisable in her character. 

Who Was ‘Cocaine Godmother’ Griselda Blanco?

Known as the ‘Cocaine Godmother,’ Griselda Blanco was a Colombian drug queenpin, inspiring Netflix's Griselda series. Her innovations in trafficking and criminal legacy have left a lasting mark. Blanco's legacy stemmed from her innovative approach to drug trafficking. Operating for nearly five decades, she opened a lingerie factory with hidden pockets for smuggling cocaine. Linked to hundreds of murders, including those of her three husbands, Griselda's violent approach earned her titles like La Madrina and The Black Widow.

Who Was ‘Cocaine Godmother’ Griselda Blanco? I Image: X/ @bhlorraine

Her influence extended to the '70s Miami drug scene, alongside Pablo Escobar. Despite rumours of a mentor-mentee relationship, Pablo Escobar allegedly found her as the only woman he was afraid of. 


How did Griselda's criminal journey begin?

Born in 1943 in Cartagena, Colombia, Griselda's criminal journey began early. At the age of 11, she reportedly kidnapped and killed a boy. By 13, she turned to prostitution and pickpocketing. Griselda's first husband, Carlos Trujillo had to face a lot after their divorce. In the '60s, she moved to Queens, New York, with cocaine trafficker Alberto Bravo, later establishing the Alberto Bravo organization.


In 1975, Griselda and Bravo faced legal trouble, resulting in 150 arrests and the dismantling of their organization. Fleeing to Colombia, they engaged in a deadly dispute which left Griselda in control. Her third husband, Dario Sepulveda, met a similar fate in 1983, solidifying her control over the cocaine trade.

How did Griselda's criminal journey begin? I Image: IMDb

How did the ‘Cocaine Godmother’ die?

Griselda's criminal exploits caught up with her in 1985 when she was arrested in California. Serving time for federal charges, she faced additional murder charges in Florida. After being released in 2004, the ‘Cocaine Godmother' returned to Colombia. In 2012, she was assassinated in Medellin at the age of 69. Her son Michael Corleone Blanco, who distanced himself from the criminal life, is now known for owning the Pure Blanco lifestyle brand.

How did the ‘Cocaine Godmother’ die? I Image: IMDb

The story of Griselda Blanco, with its twists of crime, power, and family tragedies, continues to captivate audiences through Netflix's adaptation.


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