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Dominic Fike To Return As Elliot in Zendaya Starrer Euphoria Season 3? Actor Reveals

Regarding the impending third season of Euphoria, Dominic Fike expressed uncertainty regarding his character Elliot's potential return to the show.

Dominic Fike in Euphoria
Dominic Fike in Euphoria | Image:HBO

Dominic Fike, who rose to fame with his portrayal of Elliot in Season 2 of Euphoria, recently talked about his return to the show. The actor didn’t seem too hopeful about it and opened up about the time he was provided with a sober coach on the show. He added how it didn’t help at all as he couldn’t relate to the lady. 

Dominic Fike on playing a drug addict in Euphoria 

In a conversation with Variety, talked about portraying the role of Elliot in Euphoria, who was a drug addict just like him. The actor said, “I’ve acted like a drug addict. I actually am a pretty big drug addict myself, believe it or not. When I was on Euphoria, they kind of just gave me a coach who would just talk to you. It was just some random lady. Jack is one of my best friends so it made it a lot easier, obviously.”

Dominic Fike as Elliot in Euphoria Season 2 | Image: HBO 


He went on to explain how the show provided him with a sober coach but there was no relatability factor so it didn’t work out for him. Fike said the sober coach was, “a random lady that I’d never relate to. We had nothing in common. We didn’t come from the same places or the same problems. It was hard to take advice from someone like that or give a shit.”

Will Dominic Fike return for Euphoria Season 3? 

Regarding the impending third season of Euphoria, Fike expressed uncertainty regarding Elliot's potential return. "It would be dope" if he could return to the show, but he added, “I don't really talk to them anymore.”

Dominic Fike as Elliot in Euphoria Season 2 | Image: HBO 


Fike starred in Season 2 of Euphoria as Elliot, a drug addict who encourages Rue's relapse and finds himself in a romantic triangle with Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer),

What do we know about Euphoria?

While details about the new season remain sparse, showrunner Sam Levinson previously teased that it would have a "film noir" style, exploring the concept of individual principles in a corrupt world. The Euphoria universe has seen some changes in its cast lineup. 

Barbie Ferreira will not to be a part of Euphoria Season 3 | Image: HBO 


Barbie Ferreira, who portrayed Kat Hernandez, announced her departure from the series, signaling a shift in the show's dynamics. Additionally, the tragic passing of Angus Cloud in July of last year has had an impact on the production of Season 3. 


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