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Karmma Calling Actor Rohit Roy Reveals The ‘Real Reason’ For Choosing To Work In The Show

Karmma Calling boasts an ensemble star cast including Raveena Tandon, Varun Sood, Namrata Sheth, Vikramjeet Virk, Viraf Patel and Rohit Roy,

Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy | Image:Rohit Roy/Instagram

Karmma Calling is the latest thriller show on Disney Plus Hotstar. The series is headlined by Raveena Tandon and also stars Rohit Roy in a pivotal role. In a new interview, the actor shared why he decided to star in the series.

Rohit Roy said yes to Karmma Calling because of director Ruchi Narain

Actor Rohit Bose Roy, who plays a pivotal role in the recently released thriller web series Karmma Calling has shared the real reason behind being part of this project, and it is director Ruchi Narain. Rohit plays the role of Satyajit Mehra in the show. It stars Raveena Tandon as Indrani Kothari, and Namrata Sheth as Karma Talwar and Ambika Mehra (daughter of Satyajit).

The Kaabil actor took to Instagram to share several snapshots from the series, accompanied by a heartfelt and candid note. Rohit said: “So here is an honest admission... The only reason I agreed to play Satyajeet in #karmmacalling is because it's directed by my dear friend @ruchinarain. And of course, I hold her in high esteem as a filmmaker so I knew I was in good hands!!”  “When she called me last year, I said I'm doing it, no question about it, without even listening to what the special appearance was all about! And then boom!!! Jan 2024, the show dropped on @disneyplushotstar and I'm inundated with calls and messages about my performance in it,” the note read.

Rohit Roy was ‘pleasantly surprised’ on being a part of Karmma Calling 

Rohit revealed his unexpected yet delightful surprise upon being cast in a role that challenged his usual typecasting. “I was pleasantly SHOCKED, to say the least!! I was like HUH?!?! Did u even notice me?! Ruchi cast me against type and for once, a director held my hand through not only the shoot but also whilst dubbing making sure, she saw only the real me, not the make believe me l so often portray on screen,” he said. The actor known for his work in Paltan also shared an anecdote for his friend and actor R. Madhavan: “Something my dearest friend @actormaddy has been telling me since years!! This role has been an extension of myself as I am a father and my child's growing years have been the best. I love being a father and I got to portray it on screen! Double whammy! So, thank you Ruchi for Satyajeet.”

A photo shared by Rohit Roy | Image: Rohit Roy/Instagram 


“Now I have 3 rats in my life, Ruchi, @ashutoshunlimited and @itstahershabbir !” Rohit, who shared the screen space with Raveena in 2003 war film ‘LOC Kargil’, opened up on collaborating with her in the series. He shared: “And of course, it was fab to reunite with @officialraveenatandon after years! She's grown so much as an actor and her carriage is truly apt for the show !” “@ratfilmindia @disneyplushotstar PS: moral of the story is that whatever piece of work you attach your name to, give it your best... and do it honestly! People will identify and appreciate it,” concluded Rohit. The show stars Varun Sood as Ahaan Kothari. It is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.
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Published February 8th, 2024 at 16:49 IST

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