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Identify This South Superstar In This Childhood Photo. Hint: He Won National Award As A Child Artist

In the latest viral photos, the actor is seen sitting with his mother, father, and sister while posing for the family photo. Can you recognise him?

Kamal Hasan
Kamal Hasan | Image:Kamal Hasan

Childhood pictures of actors often go viral. They are seen in avatars that may seem unexpected to many. One such photo of an actor, who has been in the industry for almost four decades now, has gone viral Can you guess who this actor is? It is none other than South superstar Kamal Haasan.

Did you know Kamal Haasan received a National Award as a child artist?

Kamal Haasan who is a massive success in the South Indian film industry, traces his illustrious career back to his early days as a child actor. His cinematic journey took flight with the 1975 film Apoorva Raagangal directed by K Balachander, marking his lead debut and setting the stage for his ascendancy in Tamil cinema. A National Film Award for his remarkable performance in Moondram Pirai further solidified his status as a distinguished actor.


Did you know Kamal Haasan was a child artist? I Image: IMDb


Despite his family's background in law and medicine, Kamal Haasan fearlessly ventured into the film industry, carving out a niche for himself as one of Indian cinema's celebrated icons. His foray into acting was not just a career choice but a commitment to artistic expression that resonated with audiences.


Details about the viral family photo

Recently, viral family photos of Kamal Haasan have stirred nostalgia among fans. In one heartwarming picture, a young Kamal sits with his parents, D Srinivasan and Rajalakshmi, and his sister Nalini Haasan, offering a glimpse into the actor's early life. The absence of his brothers, Charuhasan and Chandrahasan, in this particular photo adds a layer of curiosity about his family dynamics.


Beyond his acting prowess, Kamal Haasan's commitment to fitness has been a constant. Vintage snapshots showcasing a young Kamal working out in a traditional gym environment recently went viral. These images not only reveal his early dedication to health but also resonate with admirers for his timeless appeal.


Kamal Hasan's much anticipated upcoming film Indian 2 I Image: IMDb


Amidst these nostalgic reflections, Kamal Haasan remains actively involved in the film industry. Currently filming the highly anticipated sequel Indian 2 directed by Shankar, he continues to captivate audiences. The film's star-studded cast, including Kajal Aggarwal and Nedumudi Venu, adds to the excitement surrounding this cinematic venture. As fans revel in glimpses of Kamal Haasan's past, he stands as a timeless and revered figure in Indian cinema, leaving an indelible mark on its ever-evolving landscape.


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