Updated February 20th, 2024 at 20:45 IST

Jayam Ravi Hints At Directorial Debut, Reveals Which Actor He Has Signed For Just ₹500

Jayam Ravi recently hinted at his debut as a director and said that he has three scripts in mind. He also revealed who could potentially star in it.

Jayam Ravi | Image:Jayam Ravi/Instagram

Renowned Tamil actor Jayam Ravi who is celebrated for his diverse roles spanning nearly two decades recently hinted at his foray into film direction. During a recent promotional interview for Siren, the actor who is known for portraying a wide range of characters from romantic leads to intense cop roles shared his plans.

What did Jayam Ravi say about his debut as a director?

Ravi disclosed, “I have written three scripts and one of them will have Yogi Babu playing the lead.” With a touch of humour, he mentioned having already secured Babu's involvement by paying an advance of Rs 500. “The other script will be headlined by myself, as I saw myself in that character when I was writing, hence I don't see anyone else playing it,” the actor added.

Jayam further revealed, “The third script anyone can be roped in as the cast. Not just myself, I think anyone can play that role.”


While specifics regarding production timelines remain undisclosed, fans speculate that Ravi might commence work on these projects shortly. The actor's silence on the genre of his directorial debut has also sparked curiosity, leaving audiences to wonder if it will be a romantic comedy or a gripping crime thriller.

Is Jayam Ravi’s son making a debut soon?

Ravi hinted at his son's potential entry into the film industry and revealed heightened interest from directors and family members in launching his son as a hero. Despite the excitement, Ravi talked about the importance of his son completing his education before considering a career in acting.

He said, “The demand for directing my son has gone up. Director Shakti has expressed willingness to direct my son when he turns a hero. My brother too is interested in directing him. I too have a desire to direct a film with him as the hero. But let him first complete his studies. Let him finish this cycle and come to adulthood and then we can see all about all of that.”


Published February 20th, 2024 at 20:45 IST