Updated February 20th, 2024 at 23:34 IST

It's controversial/ Trisha Reacts To Former AIADMK Leader's Derogatory Remarks On Her, Warns Legal Action: Disgusting

Former AIADMK member AV Raju passed derogatory remarks on Leo actress Trisha, prompting a swift reply from her. She said that immediate action will be taken.

Trisha Krishnan | Image:trishakrishnan/Instagram

Trisha Krishnan is seemingly caught up in a controversy once again. The Leo actress was targeted by former AIADMK politician AV Raju, who claimed that she was called by a politician for ₹25 lakh. This led to a massive backlash on social media, with netizens coming out in support of Trisha against "derogatory" comments made by Raju in public. As the video of Raju talking about the Tamil actress continues to go viral on social media, she reacted to it in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Trisha reacts to controversial comments by politician

Reacting to the viral comments, Trisha wrote in a post on X, "It's disgusting to repeatedly see low lives and despicable human beings who will stoop down to any level to gain attention. Rest assured, necessary and severe action will be taken. Anything that needs to be said and done henceforth will be from my legal department."

What were the controversial remarks made by AV Raju about Trisha?

AV Raju is said in the viral video that allegedly, A Venkatachalam asked Trisha for sexual favours and it was arranged by MLA Karunas. This happened in Kuvathu in Chennai. AV Raju further said that many actresses were there and whoever wanted to fulfill their desires turned up. As alleged by Raju, Venkatachalam specifically asked for Trisha and he emphasised on wanting a young woman and they paid her ₹25 lakh for it.


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