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Vijayakanth funeral: Slipper thrown at Thalapathy Vijay | Video

Thalapathy Vijay recently attended the funeral of DMDK chief and veteran Tamil actor Vijayakanth in Chennai. However, he was attacked by a slipper.

Vijayakanth and Thalapathy Vijay
Vijayakanth and Thalapathy Vijay | Image:X

Thalapathy Vijay recently attended the funeral of DMDK chief and veteran Tamil actor Vijayakanth in Chennai. The actor broke down in tears while paying his last respects to Captain while he rested in his glass casket. Amid this, a video has surfaced online wherein a fan was seen throwing a slipper at Thalapathy Vijay while he mourned the loss of Captain.

What happened in the viral video featuring Thalapathy Vijay?

A video has gone viral on social media wherein a fan tossed his slipper at Thalapathy Vijay. Soon after the footwear hit the actor, another person encircling him threw it away. The Leo actor looked visibly distressed by the situation as he was mobbed by hundreds of his fans during Vijayakanth's funeral in Chennai. This disrespectful behaviour by Thalapathy Vijay's fans was strongly condemned.

A social media user shared the video and captioned, "Strongly condemning this disrespect behaviour to vijay . whoever it may be, we should respect when they came to our place. Throwing slipper to @actorvijay is totally not acceptable 👎🏻. Stay strong #Vijay."

Thalapathy Vijay gets emotional at Vijayakanth's funeral

Thalapathy Vijay rushed to attend the funeral of late actor Vijayakanth. Although the late actor's native place is Madurai, his cremation will take place at his party office in Chennai. Ahead of his cremation, the Leo actor paid his last respects to Vijayakanth and after seeing his mortal remains, the actor kept weeping while looking at him through the glass casket.

Thalapathy Vijay stood beside Vijayaknth for a while and continued to gaze at him while being surrounded by his loved ones. Vijay seemed visibly moved by the passing of Vijayakanth as the two shared a close bond and was shocked by his demise. After paying a tribute, the actor took a moment to gather his emotions and even consoled Vijayakanth's wife Premalatha. He held her hands while she shed tears after her husband's death.

Thalapathy Vijay's relationship with Vijayakanth was not just limited to cinema and the entertainment industry. In an earlier interview, the Varisu actor credited Vijayakanth for helping him during his initial days in the industry. He revealed that he gained a foothold in cinema due to his support and the opportunities he gave him. 


Published December 29th, 2023 at 12:47 IST

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