Updated April 30th, 2024 at 20:51 IST

Dangal TV Issues Formal Statement In Krishna Mukherjee Controversy, Extends 'Sympathies' Over Ordeal

Krishna Mukherjee finds herself in the midst of controversy owing to the serious allegations she leived against her Shubh Shagun producer and production house.

Krishna Mukherjee in Shubh Shagun | Image:X

Krishna Mukherjee recently came out with her set of pressing allegations against the producer and production house of her last show, Shubh Shagun. The allegations of harassment she levied on producer Kundan Singh were met with equally controversial claims from the latter. However, the claim regarding non-payment of dues which Krishna had levied on channel Dangal TV, has only recently been met with a mildly-worded response.

Dangal TV shares its clarifications

The official Instagram handle of Dangal TV was updated with an official statement, addressing the aforementioned claims, on Tuesday, April 30. Though much of the statement was legally templated, the production house affirmed that in their collaborations with over 40 television production houses so far, no such incident had been reported. It further affirmed how timely payment of dues, for them, was not just a "contractual obligation" but a "moral imperative" - in effect, denying the claims levied by Krishna Mukherjee.


An excerpt from the detailed statement read, "...timely payment and fair treatment are not just contractual obligations but moral imperatives. Following this principle, we also timely paid the entire contractual amount to the said production house as per the contract. We trust that the concerned production house will address these issues with the seriousness they deserve."


Its Krishna Mukherjee versus Kundan Singh

Dangal TV, in its statement, evidently washed its hands off the issue, asserting that they had cleared all dues from their end. They also expressed their sympathies at Krishna Mukherjee's ordeal. Much of Mukherjee's claims in the matter at hand, stand directed at producer Kundan Singh. Her detailed allegations reveal consistently being harassed including being locked up in her makeup room.


Kundan Singh too, has hit back at the allegations, sharing how the actress had levied similar claims previously as well, directed at other parties - an ordeal during which he stood by her. 


Published April 30th, 2024 at 20:51 IST