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Shaitaani Rasmein trailer: Haunted mansion trope returns in Shefali Jariwala, Vibhav Roy starrer

Shaitaani Rasmein blends the popular tropes of horror and drama and is expected to entertain the audience with the best of both worlds.

Shaitani Rasmein
Shaitani Rasmein | Image:YouTube screengrab

The teaser of the new horror show Shaitaani Rasmein, starring Shefali Jariwala, Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji, has been unveiled by the makers ahead of its release. Though the air date is not finalised yet, it is expected to launch soon. It blends the tropes of horror and drama and is expected to entertain the audience with the best of both worlds.

A still from Shaitaani Rasmein | Image: 

Shaitaani Rasmein teaser takes us to a haunted mansion

The haunted mansion trope has been given a new twist in Shaitaani Rasmein. The characters played by Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji enter a haunted mansion and the story picks off from there. Shefali Jariwala plays a witch in the TV show and it seems like her character will create hurdles in the way of the newlywed couple. The trailer of Shaitaani Rasmein is replete with horror tropes like the interplay of dark and light, coupled with jump scares and eerie sounds.

Vibhav Roy calls Shaitaani Rasmein genre novel and refreshing

Vibhav is known for his work in Doli Armaano Ki, Gustakh Dil, Meri Saas Bhoot Hai and others. he shared that Shaitaani Rasmein breaks away from the conventional male television lead archetype.


Talking about his character, Vibhav said, "I am genuinely thrilled with the character that has come my way. It's not the typical good guy often seen in male television lead roles. He possesses intriguing shades of grey, making it a fascinating character to play and, hopefully, watch too,"

“Under the guidance of our director and producer, Nikhil Sinha, the layering and nuances added to the character have made the creative process both stimulating and, fingers crossed, rewarding," he added.


Shaitani Rasmein will soon premiere on Star Bharat.


Published December 20th, 2023 at 16:16 IST

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