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Surbhi Chandna Opens Up About The Tough Phase In Her Relationship With Karan Sharma

As Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma completed one month of their union, the actress shared interesting details about their relationship before marriage.

Surbhi and Karan looked adorable together as they posed in style in their mehendi ensembles. | Image:Surbhi Chandna/Instagram

Surbhi Chandna and Karan Sharma are enjoying their married life to the fullest. The couple got married on March 2 in Jaipur in the presence of their family and close friends. As they completed one month of their union, Surbhi shared interesting details about their relationship before marriage. The actress even revealed that Karan wanted to break up at one point in time. 

Surbhi Chandna reveals Karan Sharma wanted to breakup

In a conversation with Instant Bollywood, Surbhi stated that their relationship had reached a difficult point about seven or eight years ago. It appears that Karan was dealing with a variety of difficulties at work. He expressed to the actress that he didn't have time or energy to devote to their relationship and that it would be better if they broke up but Surbhi insisted that there's no need to call it quits on their relationship. She indicated that none of them had engaged in dishonest behaviour or cheated. It made her believe that it was time for her to take a more active role in their lives.


Surbhi Chandna-Karan Sharma talk about their marital life

In a previous interview with Pinkvilla, Karan and Surbhi had shared details about their life as a married couple. Karan said that nothing has changed and it "feels the same" to them. "We still feel like we are not husband-wife, we are still in girlfriend-boyfriend zone," he said. Surbhi agreed and added that the difference is now they are living separately away from their parents. "It's only that, other than that, Karan's parents live in the opposite building. My parents live 2-5 minutes away. So every next day, they are at our house," the actress added.


Surbhi continued that he had lived 34 years with her parent so to "cut the chord is so tough and difficult". On the other hand, Karan is the only child so it is "difficult" for her to adjust to new surroundings but still, she doesn't feel like they are husband and wife. "I feel like we are just taking the responsibility of the house. That's a part. Other than that, everything is like girlfriend-boyfriend," Surbhi concluded.


The couple had a destination wedding in Rajasthan which was no less than a royal affair. Ceremonies were attended by Surbhi’s Ishqbaaz co-stars Kunal Jaisingh, Mansi Srivastava, Shrenu Parikh and more.


Published April 12th, 2024 at 16:48 IST