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HanuMan: Prasanth Varma says his movie will not make any religious section 'uncomfortable'

Director Prasanth Varma has opened up about the alleged religious elements in HanuMan. He has assured that the movie will not make anyone 'uncomfortable'.

HanuMan | Image:Teja Sajja/X

Director Prasanth Varma is currently waiting for the release of his forthcoming superhero film, HanuMan. In a recent revelation, the actor confirmed the absence of religious references in the movie while highlighting its deep cultural roots. This came amid rumours of the movie revolving around Lord Hanuman.

Prasanth Varma talks about HanuMan

Varma, in a conversation with IANS, shared, "The buzz around the film is 99 percent Hanuman ji and one percent my content." Following a visit to a Hanuman ji temple in Delhi, the filmmaker underlined the cultural richness that distinguishes his film. Rejecting the conventional Marvel or DC superhero approach, Varma shared, “I didn’t want it to be a Marvel or DC-like superhero film but something indigenous and culturally rooted.”


Prasanth Varma | Image: IMDb


Prasanth Varma reveals the movie is free from any religious elements

Set in modern times with ancient elements, the film features Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Raj Deepak Shetty, and Vinay Rai. Varma believes the cultural depth and universal appeal of HanuMan make it suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He asserted, "There is no mention of religion in this movie. HanuMan is going to appeal to all ages, and there is not a single element that’ll make you uncomfortable in this film”.

HanuMan poster | Image: IMDb


Encouraging families to enjoy the film together, Varma further revealed ample opportunities to narrate stories from Indian history and culture in the future if HanuMan turns out to be successful. Discussing his motivation, Varma shared, “My strength is the knowledge about our culture. So I thought we should bring a story of a superhero out of our culture and then the idea of ‘HanuMan’ came."

Prasanth Varma talked about the use of AI in HanuMan

He shared, “We've used a lot of standard tools but I used a lot of AI for the film too. I've generated a few shots in AI. Unreal. Of course, we used to cover a couple of sequences. But the new thing that we used is AI.”

HanuMan still | Image: Youtube screengrab

HanuMan will arrive at theatres on January 12.


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Published January 11th, 2024 at 23:12 IST

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