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HanuMan Vs Guntur Kaaram Box Office Collection Day 12: Teja Sajja's Film Leads With ₹ 45.35 Crore

After days of neck-to-neck competition, the box office collection of Teja Sajja's HanuMan and Mohanlal's Guntur Kaaram has seen a drastic difference on Day 12.A

Guntur Kaaram vs HanuMan
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Prasanth Varma's film HanuMan starring Teja Sajja and Trivikram Srinivas' Guntur Kaaram featuring Mahesh Babu clashed at the box office on January 12 and entertained the audiences with their distinct narratives. Despite the stark contrast in budgets, HanuMan managed to compete neck-to-neck with the big-budget Guntur Kaaram and has now exceeded expectations.

HanuMan Vs Guntur Kaaram Day 12 box office update

Over the course of 12 days, HanuMan surpassed Guntur Kaaram's global collections reaching an impressive ₹215.6 crore worldwide according to Guntur Kaaram on the other hand secured breakeven with a commendable business of ₹170.25 crore. This makes the Teja Sajja starrer lead by ₹45.35 crores than Mahesh Babu.

Tejja Sajja in HanuMan | Image: IMDb

More about Guntur Kaaram

Featuring Mahesh Babu, Sreeleela, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Ramya Krishnan, Prakash Raj, and Jayaram in the lead, Guntur Kaaram was produced with a substantial budget of ₹200 crore. Despite facing negative to mixed reviews on its opening day, the film managed to achieve breakeven by its 12th day. Producer Naga Vamsi reassured the public and highlighted the film's success in Andhra Pradesh that surpassed expectations in comparison to Nizam and overseas markets.

The narrative of Guntur Kaaram revolves around Ramana (played by Mahesh), a rowdy with a tumultuous family background on a quest to uncover the reason behind his mother's abandonment years ago. On the other hand, HanuMan is a story of Hanumanthu (Teja) who is a small-time thief who acquires superpowers after discovering a totem in his village.

Guntur Kaaram | Image: IMDb

The unexpected success of HanuMan against a tough contender like Guntur Kaaram emphasises the ever-changing dynamics of the film industry and the ability of smaller budget films to resonate with audiences. While HanuMan makers have announced a sequel to their film titled Jai Hanuman, there is no news of Guntur Kaaram’s upcoming part.


Published January 24th, 2024 at 23:02 IST

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