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Prabhas Starrer The Raja Saab Director Has A Tongue-In-Cheek Reaction To IMDb's Incorrect Synopsis

Director Maruthi, who is currently in the midst of filming for The Raja Saab with Prabhas, had a tongue-in-cheek reaction to the film's listed plot on IMDb.

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Prabhas in The Rajasaab
Prabhas in The Rajasaab | Image:Prabhas/Instagram

Prabhas has only recently seen through the release of arguably one of the biggest releases of 2023 - Salaar. With the film now in the last leg of its theatrical run and gearing up to make its digital debut, the actor has moved on to his next project in his hefty lineup of films - The Raja Saab. The first look of the film having been released only a few days back, The Raja Saab has made headlines once again - this time due to director Maruthi's light-hearted candour with a popular film and television database portal.

Maruthi has a tongue-in-cheek clarification for The Raja Saab's plot

The Raja Saab director Maruthi took to his social media handles to share a screenshot of the page for his film on popular film and television database portal, IMDb. The director had a light-hearted manner of simply pointing out how IMDb had got the synopsis for the film wrong. IMDb's description of the plot reads, "It revolves around a couple who fall in love but are set to change destiny due to a negative energy".

Maruthi took to his X handle to post a screenshot of the same, coupled with the caption, "Ararare I don't know this plot So shooting with different script Ippudu IMDB Samajam accept chestada mari" The caption was also followed by a smiling emoticon, indicating that his post was all in good humour. Maruthi also cracked a joke wherein he asked the 'IMDb community' if they would accept his film with the plot he was working on.

The Raja Saab poster was released on Sankranti

The occasion of Sankranti was marked by the makers of The Raja Saab with an official poster release for their film. The bright first look shows a smiling Prabhas moving on ahead coupled with the title announcement. However, the initial version of the poster notably spelled the Salaar actor's name as 'Prabhass'.


This led to immense conjecture over if Prabhas had changed his name's spelling due to influence from numerology. However, as per an Aakashvaani report, the misspelling was simply an error and Prabhas' name is very much still spelt the old way. 


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