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Teja Sajja Challenges Mahesh Babu's Supremacy At US Box Office As HanuMan Zooms Past $2 Million Mark

Guntur Kaaram is facing tough competition from HanuMan not just in India but US the as well. The Mahesh Babu starrer is also struggling at India box office.

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HanuMan, starring Teja Sajja, is giving tough competition to Mahesh Babu starrer Guntur Kaaram not just in India but abroad as well. The Prashanth Varma directorial has been receiving good reviews and the audience is getting pulled to the cinema halls in huge numbers. At the US box office too, HanuMan is giving a tough competition to Guntur Kaaram and might do better than the latter in the coming days.

HanuMan poster | Image: IMDb

HanuMan earns $2 million at US box office

Teja Sajja's mythological film with superhero elements has managed to mint over $2 million in two days despite releasing alongside Guntur Kaaram, which too has managed to cross the benchmark in the States. This is Mahesh Babu's 5th film to mint $2 million in the US and Teja's first film to achieve this benchmark. It is safe to say that HanuMan is neck-to-neck in the US with its other Telugu competitor.

HanuMan earns ₹50 crore in two days worldwide

At the worldwide box office, HanuMan has minted over ₹50 crore in just two days. According to Manobala, the film witnessed around 39.23 percent increase in its collection on day 2 from its opening day. On Day 1 it collected ₹21.35 crore followed by ₹29.72 crore on its second day. The collections include include additional premieres.


Going by the trends, it is likely that Guntur Kaaram will be left behind in the race as HanuMan picks up pace at the box office in India and abroad.  








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