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Telugu Actor Sowmya Janu Manhandles Traffic Cop, Hurls Abuses After Being Stopped For Rule Violation

A viral video of Sowmya Janu showed her being stopped from taking a wrong route. However, she lost her calm and manhandled the traffic cop.

Sowmya Janu | Image:Sowmya Janu/Instagram

Telugu actress Sowmya Janu found herself embroiled in a controversy after she manhandled a traffic cop and hurled abuses at him when he tried to stop her from driving on the wrong route in Banjara Hills area in Hyderabad. Sowmya, who was driving a Jaguar car, fought with a traffic home guard at Banjara Hills, who advised her not to drive on the wrong route and asked her to go back. The video from the time has gone viral on social media. In the clip, people in the streets could be seen talking to a seemingly aggressive Sowmya in an attempt to calm her down.

File photo of Sowmya Janu | Image: Sowmya Janu/Instagram 

Sowmya loses cool in viral video

In the viral video that has been doing the rounds o the internet showed Sowmya Janu attacking a traffic cop as she lost her cool. Her car was seen in the road, leading to traffic jam. Sowmya was seen raising her voice and abusing the person in-charge of traffic control who stopped her. When people gathered around her in an attempt to make sense of what was going, she was seen using abusive and harsh tone.  

Sowmya defends her brash behaviour

After the incident went viral and led to widespread criticism of the Telugu actress, talking to a local TV channel, she tried to defend her act of trespassing the rule and abusing the cop. She was repotrted to be saying that she was going in an urgent work. If she had to face this situation, what would be the fate of common man, she had reasoned, in complete disregard for law. She screamed that she would also file a case on the home guard who stopped her. Sowmya claimed that she has not been called for questioning by the police yet.


Published February 27th, 2024 at 20:15 IST