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Vijay Deverakonda On His Family Star Role: It’s Nothing Like Arjun Reddy

Vijay Deverakonda recently drew a parallel between his Family Star and Arjun Reddy's character and revealed how he finds them drastically different.

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Vijay Deverakonda is gearing up to grace the silver screen once again with his upcoming film, Family Star and in a recent interview the actor expressed gratitude for the opportunity to portray a carefully crafted character. In a recent interview, Deverakonda opened up about his role in Family Star and drew parallels with his iconic character in Arjun Reddy, a film that etched his name in cinemagoers' minds.

How did Vijay weigh Family Star and Arjun Reddy?

Reflecting on his career, the actor shared his thoughts with Galatta Plus and said,  “I have been blessed with characters early on in my career that have been remembered far beyond their time. Arjun Reddy with Sandeep being one. I believe the character I play in Family Star is another blessing.”



Deverakonda on the uniqueness of his character in Family Star

Vijay distinguished it from his portrayal of Arjun Reddy and credited director Parasuram for crafting a multi-layered character that resonated with him on a personal level. Recalling the experience, he remarked, It’s nothing like Arjun Reddy; it’s different. Parasuram and I worked in Geetha Govindam. But this fellow (Deverakonda’s character in Family Star) when I heard him, it was a blessing for an actor to get a character that is written from minute 1 to minute 200 or whatever. So many layers and so much to do. He wrote it from his own personal life and experiences and he built a story around certain habits and characterisation he has.”

Having previously collaborated with Parasuram on the hit film Geetha Govindam, Deverakonda said, “When he narrated it to me, I clearly saw so many bits of me growing up, when I was a teenager, young adult. It was nostalgic, and hilarious that we all do it. The serious bits I saw of my dad, and I was like this is a great story and character.”




Family Star featuring Mrunal Thakur in the lead role alongside Deverakonda, is slated to hit theatres on April 5th.


Published March 30th, 2024 at 20:46 IST