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The Story behind 'Hello Kitty': Here's the dark theory about its Origin Story

The cute and kawaii character of 'Hello Kitty' has been a fan favourite for several decades now. Read on to find out the crazy and dark fan theory about it.

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the story behind hello kitty
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One of the most recognisable cartoon characters around the world is 'Hello Kitty'. The character became a symbol of the Japanese Kawai culture and is loved throughout the world. The fictional character was created by artist Yuko Shimizu for the company Sanrio in 1974. However, in spite of her adorable appearance and universal popularity, a troubling tale surrounding the origins of Hello Kitty is making rounds on the internet these days. Read on to find out the Story behind Hello Kitty.

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The story behind 'Hello Kitty'

A report on HITC states that a disturbing tale, about Hello Kitty, came courtesy of Scary for Kids. It suggests that the Hello Kitty character is not as cute and innocent as she seems. The theory claims that Hello Kitty is actually the result of a deal with the devil. As bizarre as this theory sounds, the Scary for Kids website, does try to explain it further. It says the Hello Kitty doll came into existence after a Chinese woman made a pact with Satan.

She did so save her daughter’s life as her young girl was dying from cancer, more specifically a cancer of the mouth. Hence, after the women prayed to the devil, he manifested in front of her and instructed the woman to create the Hello Kitty character in return for saving her daughter’s life. The theory clearly sounds very off-kilter. Here is the real origin story of Hello Kitty.

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Hello Kitty’s story: The Real One

Another report on Screen Rant revealed that the delightful character of Hello Kitty was created by Japanese designer and artist Yuko for the company Sanrio which has specialised in Japanese cute kawaii culture since the early 1960s. Hello Kitty became an instant hit among young fans not only in Japan but across the world. It became Sanrio’s biggest asset and the Hello Kitty franchise has earned over $80 billion across its 46-year lifespan. Sanrio also went on to create many other cute and lovable cartoon characters over the years. Hello Kitty is also the second highest-grossing media franchise of all time behind Pokémon.

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Here are other Characters created by Sanrio

According to Screen Rant, the other cute and iconic characters created by Sanrio include Pom Pom Purin, My Melody, Chococat, Aggretsuko and etc. However, over the years, due to the growing popularity of Hello Kitty, the character became the trademark of the company. The brand rose to greater heights when during the late 1990s Mariah Carey adopted Hello Kitty as a fashion statement. 

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