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Viral tweet asks 'What celebrity death, hit you the hardest?' Netizens answer

A netizen asked, “What celebrity death, in your lifetime, hit you the hardest?” on Twitter. Read more to know the responses to this viral tweet.

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The year 2020 has seen several tragic and untimely deaths of celebrities. Actors Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor and NBA star Kobe Bryant were among the people who passed away this year. A lot of netizens around the world took to  Twitter to express their condolences. Recently, a netizen asked, “What celebrity death, in your lifetime, hit you the hardest?”. People from all over the world have been commenting their take on this viral tweet with several celebrity names that have affected them the most. Here is a look at some of the tragic celebrity deaths that shook their fans and people around the globe.

Twitter answers the Viral tweet about celebrity deaths

Irrfan Khan

Actor Irrfan Khan breathed his last on April 29, 2020, in Mumbai. Several people commented on the tweet that among others, actor Irrfan Khan’s death hit them the hardest. Irrfan Khan had been a part of several successful movies like Life Of Pi, Jurassic World, The Lunchbox, Hindi Medium, etc.

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Michael Jackson

Global superstar Michael Jackson’s death left the whole world mourning. Michael Jackson breathed his last on June 2009. Even after 11 years since his tragic death, he is still remembered among his fans. A lot of fans commented with his name as it hit them the hardest. One user commented as "Michael Jackson...i remember the whole world ws mourning."

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Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington’s death left the whole world in a state of shock. The American singer-songwriter was the lead vocalist for the popular band Linkin Park. Chester Bennington’s suicide left his fans shocked and a lot of fans said that his death hit them the hardest.

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Robin Williams

The veteran actor Robbin William passed away on August 11 in 2014. He was known for his stellar acting skills and various emotional and funny performances in movies. Netizens also said that his death had hit them the hardest in their lifetime. One user commented as "why are people who make us laugh often so sad?"

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Kobe Bryant

The year 2020 began on a sad note with the news of Kobe Bryant’s death. The American basketball star lost his life in a horrific helicopter crash in January. Everyone in the helicopter including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna was killed in the crash. Several fans took to the twitter to say that his death affected them the most.



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