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Here's why National Animal Crackers Day is celebrated; Read to know more

National Animal Crackers Day 2020 will be celebrated to cherish childhood memories of animal-shaped crackers that are extremely famous among the children.

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National Animal Crackers Day is observed every year to celebrate the sweet animal-shaped cookies that not only provide a delicious snack but also offer a little bit of entertainment to the kids too. The main motive of this day is to cherish some childhood memories of animal crackers' boxes which children love munching on and sharing them with their siblings and friends.

Every year, the National Animal Cracker Day is celebrated on April 18. Read to find out some fun facts about why is it celebrated.

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Everything you need to know about 'Animal Crackers Day'

Animal Crackers refer to a type of small cookies that are baked in the shape of zoo or circus animals including lions, tigers, bears or elephants. However, various makers also offer a plethora of varieties in their flavours too. Although these animal crackers are made with layered dough, much like other crackers, they are sweet in taste like cookies.

In the 1800s, the United States of America first brought various animal-shaped crackers from England. Later, the demand for these crackers started skyrocketing among the masses, so several bakers across the country started to produce them domestically.

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Check out some more lesser-known facts about Animal Crackers:

  • The first-ever company to manufacture the animal crackers was Stauffer’s Biscuit Company in the year 1851.

  • These cookies or crackers originated from England in the 1800s.

  • Barnum is one of the most popular brands of crackers and its boxes were originally used as a Christmas ornament, been hung by a string.

  • In 1902, one box of animal crackers was sold for around 5 cents.

  • A total of 54 different animal crackers have been created till date, out of which, 37 were introduced by Barnum

  • The latest addition to Barnum's animal crackers collection is the Koala.


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