Fact Check: Can Clapping Kill Coronavirus? Fake News About Display Of Gratitude Busted


On 22 March, India followed the PM's advice and clapped for people working to fight COVID-19. Fake news about the purpose of the exercise has since spread.

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can clapping kill coronavirus

Coronavirus has held the whole world in its clasp. According to the WHO, this is the second time in the 21st century that people are facing such a crisis where the outbreak of disease has reached the pandemic stage. PM Modi addressed the nation and urged everyone to observe Janta Curfew on Sunday, March 22. The aim of the exercise was to ensure that people reduce their exposure to the virus as far as possible.

PM Modi also sent out a message to the public to show gratitude towards people who are still going out and working so that the public keeps getting uninterrupted services like electricity, water supply, etc. Moreover, he wanted the people to realise how the doctors, nurses, and anyone working in close vicinity with affected patients were risking their lives to save patients.

In order to show gratitude towards these people of service, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested the public go to their balconies, windows, and terraces at 5 pm. He asked them to start clapping, ringing bells, or banging plates for five minutes in order to show gratitude towards medical staff and the people who are providing essential services. Following PM Modi's suggestion, a huge number of people were seen coming outside in their balconies and terrace to clap and ring bells and plates in all parts of the country.

However, in these tough times, it was seen that some people were forwarding fake messages and news about Coronavirus which are misleading and false. It was seen that there were messages being circulated on social media and Whatapp groups about how clapping together will kill the Coronavirus. Here is one such message:

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However, was there any truth to those claims? Can clapping kill coronavirus? Read more to find out.

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Can clapping kill coronavirus?

India created history on March 22nd, 2020 when the public came out in their balconies and windows to clap, ring bells or plates together for 5 minutes continuously. However, it must be pointed out that the answer to whether clapping can kill coronavirus is a plain and simple NO. There are no reports to prove that the vibrations and resonance caused by clapping, ringing bells, plates, whistles had anything to do with the killing of the Coronavirus or any virus for that matter.

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PM Modi asked citizens to clap at 5 PM to appreciate the support and strength of the medical and police forces 

PM Modi had addressed the public a couple of days ago where he raised awareness about the disease and what precautions one must take. He had also urged the public to stay home and observe a Janta Curfew on March 22nd to protect themselves from the contagious disease. Moreover, PM Modi had appealed to the public to come to their balconies, windows, etc. and clap or ring bells to appreciate the support and strength of the medical forces as well as other services the public is receiving.

PM Modi, in his speech to the public, had not mentioned anywhere about clapping killing the coronavirus. He had made it clear that it was to show gratitude and strengthen the will power of people who are going to work because their services are essential. Check out the tweet below.

Origin of clapping from homes amid Coronavirus: Italy and Spain

The Coronavirus has reached stage 3 of its severity in some countries in Europe. The people of these countries have been facing a complete shutdown from the past few weeks. They have been locked down in their own homes to break the chain of the contagious disease. Videos from Spain and Italy had been doing the rounds on the internet where people were seen singing from their balconies to support each other and make themselves feel less lonely. There were also incidents when after singing and musical instruments being played, the public gave a round of applause to the doctors on the medical front lines fighting the spread of Europe’s worst coronavirus outbreak.

Lockdown in India

Looking at the current scenario, the government has announced complete lockdown in several states of India. As this is a contagious disease, efforts are being made to curb it by restricting movement via public transport, isolating the effected and constricting people where they are. Lockdown implies that public places like gyms, malls, theatres, schools, colleges, offices, etc. will remain closed until the widespread disease can be brought under control. This also implies that there will be no movement of public transport in order to prevent mass gathering and to discourage people from collecting in groups.

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