Fact Check: Can Sanitizer Catch Fire? Debunking The Burnt Hands Photo


There is a question popping up on the internet that says, 'Can Sanitizer Catch Fire?' Read to know whether the viral photo of the burnt hands is real or fake.

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can sanitizer catch fire

While the coronavirus pandemic is gripping the entire world, the people have been asked to follow some basic rules in order to keep themselves safe from getting infected with COVID-19. People are required to wear masks and keep their hands clean using soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizers. However, a picture that has surfaced on the internet has made people wary of sanitizers. The picture claims that a lady used sanitizer and then went to the kitchen to work, but got burned because of the sanitizer. The question now arises, 'Can sanitizer catch fire?"

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Is sanitizer flammable? This post suggests so

A picture shared by a Facebook user name Yao Jong showed a lady's hands completely burned from the palm right till the elbow. The caption of the post claims that the lady had applied sanitizer on her arms and then went to the kitchen to cook. She turned on the stove and her hands caught fire as the flames can in contact with the alcohol in the sanitizer. 

  • Source: Yao Jong Facebook

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Fact Check

As per an article by Dr Adrain Wong on Techarp, the picture shared is of a lady who had developed skin grafts after burning her hand. The picture was posted on a skin graft donor site. This means that the post is fake and is a hoax.

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Can sanitizer catch fire? Is sanitizer flammable?

While sanitizers do contain a certain amount of alcohol, there are chances of flammability. According to a report by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US, in order to make sure that the sanitizer does not catch fire, one has to make sure that their hands are dry after using hand sanitizer. Only then they can continue with their work, and the chances of catching fire are zero. 

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Can hand sanitizer burn your skin?

It is important to store hand sanitizers properly. When you apply hand sanitizer, you must make sure that you rub it evenly on your hands. You must make sure that the hands are completely dry and there is no residual sanitizer left on your hand. Proper use of the same will keep you away from any hazard. 

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