20-year-old Drinks Chemical Instead Of Water While Playing PUBG, Dies

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20-Year-Old accidentally drank chemical thinking it was water while playing PUBG, the chemical that the deceased drank is used to polish and shine ornaments.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

A 20-year-old man died after ingesting an extremely harmful chemical. The man is said to have been playing PUBG Mobile while travelling and accidentally ingested the chemical believing it to be water. The chemical that was ingested is a chemical commonly used in cleaning and polishing ornaments.

Drinks chemical instead of water

The deceased has been identified as Saurabh Yadav who at the time of the incident was travelling with a friend Santosh Sharma. Sharma is an ornaments-dealer and had the chemical which is used to polish jewellery. Both of them had a common bag and Sharma was travelling to Agra in relation to his ornament-polishing business.

According to Santosh, the deceased was so focused on playing PUBG on his mobile that instead of taking out the water bottle he accidentally took out the bottle of chemical and drank it before checking. The police reported that after ingesting the chemical, Yadav's health quickly deteriorated and he passed out near Morena that is between Agra and Gwalior. Yadav was dead by the time the train reached the next station.

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PUBG Mobile is the handheld version of the Popular game called Player Unknown's Battlegrounds which is available on Xbox, Playstation and on PC. PUBG was one of the fastest-growing game in 2019. The game was a massive hit among players and rose to popularity in its initial release days for mobile. The game has been played by over millions over the last few years and the mobile version of the game has dominated its sales. In India alone, the game garnered immense popularity and became a raging success. Currently, PUBG has a rivalry with many Battle Royale games, like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call of Duty. In the past couple of months Call of Duty has climbed up the charts for becoming the highest download game on mobile.

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