Chief Of Defence Staff (CDS) Uniform To Reflect Parent Service, Synergistic Symbolism

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As General Bipin Singh Rawat has been appointed as first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of the nation, here is a close look of his uniform and the synergy symbol

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The outgoing Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat has been appointed as the first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS). The post of the CDS will play a crucial role in synergizing the three armed forces- Army, Navy and Air Force of the nation - and will act as a single-point advisor to the government and Prime Minister on all military matters.

The CDS Uniform

The CDS will have the parent service uniform - so the Army uniform in case of General Bipin Rawat. The uniform will, however, be adorned with a synergized symbol which will be a combined image of symbols of all three armed forces of the nation.

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The buttons, belt buckle, shoulder rank badges and peak cap shall also have the synergized symbol. His car's flag will be adorned with the Tricolour along with the synergized symbol. 

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Role of the CDS

The CDS will be a single-point advisor to the government on all military matters. The CDS will focus on better utilization of funds and more efficiency in terms of procurement and synergy among the three armed forces Army, Navy and Air Force. Newly formed Defence Cyber Agency and the Defence Space Agency is also expected to be under the office of the CDS.

  • The Chief of Defence Staff is described by officials as the "first among equals" among service chiefs.
  • The CDS will be tasked with trimming weapons procurement procedures and integrating operations of the Indian armed forces- Army, Air Force and Navy.
  • Apart from being the military advisor for the government, the CDS will also head the Department of Military Affairs.
  • The CDS will have the authority to direct the service chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force and will also have the authority to create theatre commands as and when needed.
  • Command tri-service agencies/organizations/commands including those related to cyber and space.
  • CDS will be a member of the Defence Acquisition Council chaired by the Minister of Defence and Defence Planning Committee chaired by the National Security Advisor.
  • Function as the Military Advisor to the Nuclear Command Authority.
  • Bring about jointness and ensure optimal utilization of infrastructure in the three Services.
  • Implement a Five-Year Defence Capital Acquisition Plan, and Two-Year roll-on Annual Acquisition Plans, as a follow up of Integrated Capability Development Plan.
  • Bring about reforms in the functioning of three Services aimed at augmenting combat capabilities of the Armed Forces by reducing wasteful expenditure.
  • Assign inter-Services prioritisation to capital acquisition proposals.

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