How To Activate SBI FASTag? Guide To FASTag Purchase At SBI, FASTag Charges And Details

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Know how to activate FASTag and purchase FASTag from SBI. Here is a guide to SBI Fastag and the benefits it brings. Know answers to your FASTag queries here.

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how to activate fastag

The Government of India has mandated all toll plazas, pan India, to make toll payments electronic. By doing so, the government is taking another step towards making India a cashless and digital economy.

As part of this, FASTag, an electronic method of payment collection at toll plazas has been rolled out. If you are not aware of how FASTag works, how to activate FASTag, and how to make a FASTag purchase, here is everything you need to know about it:

How does FASTag work?

Since FASTag is a new digital process of making payments at all the toll plazas across India and has been made mandatory by the Government of India, many people have been asking on the internet about how FASTag works.

FASTag uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which enables direct toll payments from moving vehicles at the toll plazas. The FASTag RFID is affixed to the windshield of your car, which allows you to move through the toll plazas without stopping while the payment is deducted automatically through the account linked with your FASTag.

How to activate FASTag?

FASTag is a service that has been introduced by the Government of India to reduce traffic at toll plazas across the country. Many users have been asking how to activate FASTag for their vehicles. FASTag activation aims to be a hassle-free, quick and straightforward process; it can be availed from leading banks, app-based e-wallets, and Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Here is a guide that will help with all your queries related to how to activate FASTag:

Follow these steps to activate SBI FASTag

  • Vehicle owners can activate their SBI FASTag by visiting any PoS (Point of Sale) location of the State Bank of India (SBI), including the bank's branches.
  • For activation of FASTag, you need to submit an application form along with KYC (Know Your Customer) documents to the PoS location. Your SBI FASTag account will get activated once your documents are verified.
  • Once the account has been activated, a recharge is required to enable the use of the FASTag. To recharge, visit the official SBI FASTag website:
  • At the website, sign in to your account. To sign in, enter your mobile number, password, and captcha code.
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  • Select your account or vehicle (in case of more than one cars), enter the recharge amount and use any one of the listed payment methods to complete your payment and recharge the FASTag account successfully.

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What are the documents required to activate SBI FASTag?

The first time activation of your FASTag account requires you to provide a few documents for the KYC process. You can activate your FASTag either with a Limited KYC Holder’s account, or a Full KYC Holder’s account. The originals are also required during the FASTag registration, for verification purposes. Here are all the required documents that you will need to activate your FASTag account:

  1. Limited KYC Holder Account: RC copy of the vehicle, Photo ID and address proof, and a passport size photograph of the customer.
  2. Full KYC Holder Account: RC copy of the vehicle, Photo ID and address proof, and a passport size photograph of the customer.

What is Limited and Full KYC Holder account?

  • Limited KYC Holder Account: The FASTag account of a Limited KYC Holder can not have a balance of over Rs 10,000 at any given point of time. The monthly reload limit is also capped at Rs 10,000.
  • Full KYC Holder Account: The FASTag account of a Full KYC Holder can not have more than Rs 1 lac in their account at any given point of time. There is no monthly reload cap for Full KYC Holder account.

What is the validity of an SBI FASTag?

The tag comes bundled with a guarantee of 3 years. It covers the damage that occurs to the card at any given point in three years. The FASTag can be replaced at any SBI PoS in case of physical damage or other issues.

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What is the SBI FASTag Fee?

For FASTag activation, users need to recharge for a minimum amount in order to cover the insurance fee, security amount and have a minimum balance, to begin with. It is from the balance in the FASTag account that the toll charges will be deducted.

The insurance fee for the RFID tag is priced at Rs 100. The security fee varies according to the vehicle category and is indicated below. Here is a breakdown of the FASTag charges that the recharge needs to address:


Security Amount (₹)

Minimum Balance (₹)

Car/Van/Jeep/Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial

₹ 200

₹ 100

Light Commercial Vehicles

₹ 300

₹ 140

Three Axle Commercial Vehicles

₹ 400

₹ 300


₹ 400

₹ 300

4 to 6 Axle Vehicles

₹ 400

₹ 300

7 or more Axle Vehicles

₹ 400

₹ 300

Earth Moving Equipment (EME)/Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)

₹ 400

₹ 300

What are the benefits of SBI FASTag?

  • Faster Transit – Automatic deduction of exact change through SBI FASTag ensures a speedier transit through the toll booths.
  • Cashless Payment – SBI FASTag users do not need to carry cash for making payments at toll plazas, nor do they need to worry about collecting the exact change.
  • Promotional Cashback – All the SBI FASTag users will get a monthly cashback of 2.5% of their toll transactions made via FASTag till March 31, 2020.
  • Online recharge – SBI FASTag can be recharged through Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking/IMPS/E-Wallets using a computer or mobile phone
  • SMS Alerts – SMS alerts on the registered mobile numbers for toll transactions, low balance, and other such details.

What is the customer care number of SBI FASTag?

The customer care number for SBI Fastag is 1800 11 0018. Customers can reach out to this number in case of queries related to their FASTag Purchase, and other issues associated with FASTag. The customer care number is toll-free.

Is there is a specific lane for FASTag users?

Yes, there are lanes with RFID infrastructure explicitly installed for FASTag users. Only the demarcated lanes are to be used by FASTag users. In case you enter a cash-payment lane, your FASTag will not work, and you will be required to pay cash for crossing the toll plaza.

If residing within a 10 km radius from a toll plaza, is FASTag necessary to avail the concessions for local vehicles?

Yes, you have to purchase FASTag to avail the concessions. Once FASTag has been purchased, you will be required to produce the necessary documents at the FASTag issuing bank's PoS location to validate that your residence lies within 10 km radius. Once the documents are verified, you can avail the concession on the FASTag.

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Is there a monthly pass facility available?

A monthly pass can be availed at the particular toll plaza or the PoS locations of the FASTag issuing bank. If you are a registered FASTag user, you need to visit these places and request for the particular pass. You need to pay for the pass by cash or card, and once the payment is confirmed, the operator will activate the pass for your FASTag account.

How to surrender the SBI FASTag?

  1. The Tag holder should give a written request for the cancellation/surrender/closure of the FASTag along with the existing tag.
  2. In case the tag is damaged, the customer shall surrender the damaged tag.
  3. In case of death of the Tag owner, their legal heirs can claim the refund amount after producing the death certificate, and other required documents.

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