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Hyderabad Students Feed Stray Animals In Campus Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Amid coronavirus lockdown, the students at the University of Hyderabad are taking care of the stray dogs and wild animals that have made the campus their home.


Amid coronavirus lockdown, the students at the University of Hyderabad are taking care of the hundreds of stray dogs and wild animals that have made the campus their home. According to a media agency, the University of Hyderabad is the habitat for nearly 200 species of birds, various mammals and reptiles, who depended on the food wastage of the hostel messes and garbage. However, due to the lockdown, the animals began to foray into the wooded areas of the campus in search of food. 

After noticing the hunger of the stray animals, a team of 30 students led by Rohit Kumar Bondugula, who is a Research Scholar of School of Computer and Information Services, joined hands with Pradeep Nair of Animal Warrior Conservation Society, to feed the animals inhabiting the campus. As per reports, the team decided to feed the strays within their territory at different places in the campus. They reportedly arranged to provide cooked food for the stray dogs, and water bowls for the birds, along with vegetables and grass for the wildlife on campus. 

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While speaking a new agency, Kumar said that normally around 5,000 people stay on campus and now there are hardly 200 people. He added that those stray dogs were not getting the food they normally got and started hunting the peacocks and the small animals. He said that they felt that by feeding the stray dogs, they can prevent them from hunting the wildlife and thus protect them too. 

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Citizens urged to feed stray animals

Meanwhile, as thousands of stray cats and dogs in India depend on daily markets, restaurants and people for food, leaders have urged citizens to feed them as that they don’t end up in an unforeseen casualty of the lockdown. As per reports, former Women and Child Minister Maneka Gandhi also released a statement wherein she asked people to feed as many stray animals as possible so as to help them survive. In her statement, she said that street dogs, cats and cows can not give coronavirus to humans and during a lockdown, if they are not fed, they will die which will create more problems.

A few days back, with a heartwarming message, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa posted an image of him feeding a stray cat on Twitter, reminding people that amid the lockdown, stray animals and birds were suffering. "Please be kind and take some time off to feed stray animals and birds around your homes. Try providing them with water and leftovers so they're not parched and left hungry," he tweeted. He appealed to the citizens to put out water and food for the stray animals as they are struggling amid the lockdown and heat. 

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