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Kerala Man's 'Secular Marriage Matrimony' Facebook Page; Sans Caste, Creed Criteria

31-yr-old Thrissur, Kerala native Manu Manushyajathi said, he runs a secular matrimony which is devoid of any trace of caste, religion & patriarchal norms


Stating that caste and religion are age-old issues when it comes to marriage, 31-year-old Thrissur, Kerala native Manu Manushyajathi in an interview with the New Indian Express said that he runs a community service which is devoid of any trace of caste, religion and patriarchal norms. Manu Manushyajathi, who is a mathematics teacher runs a Facebook community page named 'Secular Marriage Matrimony', wherein he facilitates a platform for people who wish to marry outside barriers of caste and religion. 

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Kerala man runs secular matrimony community group on FB

Giving out details of his Facebook page, the Kerala man said that he runs the page with Shubha, a Kannur- native who found her partner via his page. Listing out details of the functioning of his page, Manu said that people who are looking to marry someone outside the barriers of caste, community, etc send their personal details such as name, height, occupation, picture to him on FB or Whatsapp and once the details are verified, he posts them on his FB page. 

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During the interview, he informed that at many instances, he felt that women are more secular than men while some of the people on the page are just looking for an alliance. Apart from 'Secular Marriage Matrimony' page, Manu informed that earlier in May 2014, he started a Facebook page titled 'Mathamillatha Jeevithangal' (Lives without religion), where he used to share stories of inter-caste, inter-religious and trans couples who fought against all odds to live together. 

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Speaking about his future goals with regards to his secular matrimony page, the Kerala native said that in future he hoped to create a website wherein people would be more comfortable to share their profiles with a moderate fee of Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. Currently, Manu is handling the page without any fee. 

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