Kitten Stranded On 25m High Kochi Metro Pillar Rescued After Four Days

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A kitten was spotted on top of a Kochi Metro pillar near Welcare Hospital on Sahodaran Ayyappan Road after which the fire force personnel came to rescue.

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

A kitten was spotted on top of a 25 metre high Kochi Metro pillar near Welcare Hospital on Sahodaran Ayyappan Road after which the fire force personnel came to its rescue. According to reports, the cat was trapped in the gap between the pillar and the viaduct for four days before the Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) officials were alerted by commuters upon hearing the kitten's cry. The fire and rescue team reportedly brought a crane to the location so that they can reach the top of the pillar and a team was also ready at the foot of the pillar with a broad net spread in the likelihood of the cat falling. 

The fire and rescue team even called for additional backup to rescue the stranded cat. Two officers reportedly crawled on their knees for two hours on the high pillar to corner the furry animal. An officer was even bitten in the process. 

However, the cat soon jumped on to the net below after which it was taken to a veterinary hospital nearby. The official Facebook page of Kochi Metro also posted a picture of the cat and updated netizens about the health and safety of the animal. Many animal lovers had also gathered around the pillar to witness the rescue mission and now they have queued up to adopt the brave kitten. 

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'Every life matters'

The Facebook post read, “Every life matters.

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The post has since received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising the rescue team. One Facebook user wrote, “Lots of love and warm hugs to the people who joined hands for saving this little guys life. Humanity exists”. Another netizen wrote, “Really happy and proud to know that there are still many empathetic and kind-hearted minds in our society. Thank you @Kochi Metro and all who worked for rescuing this tiny kitty”. 

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