Video Of Sphynx Cat Sitting Up Like Human With Large Belly Takes Internet By Storm

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Funny footage of a pot-bellied Sphynx cat in which it can be seen sitting up like a human, with his large bald belly, rolls hanging out has become viral.

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Funny footage of a pot-bellied Sphynx cat in which it can be seen sitting up like a human, with his large bald belly and rolls hanging out has taken the internet by storm. The hilarious video of the six-year-old cat was initially shared by its owner Jana Martika. According to international media reports, Jana filmed the chunky feline in her home in Vienna, Austria and in the footage one can also see three-year-old Neytiri, a fellow Sphynx cat, laying down and looking up at her 7.5kg chubby friend.


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The video shared by 'Cats of Instagram' was able to receive almost four lakh likes and thousands of comments. While speaking to an international media outlet, Jana said that she thought that it was very funny but also very special for her to see both the cats like this. She further added that the reason why the cat was sitting like this was that there was an infrared heater on the wall and both the cats love to sleep there. 

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'Mischievous troublemakers'

While this six-year-old cat is seen sleeping peacefully, cats in-general have always been mischievous troublemakers as in another incident, a Twitter user recently revealed that a cat managed to break into her house and snacked its way through a whole load of the family's Christmas dinner before it had even made to the table. According to reports, the cat even tried to eat a defrosting beef joint that was sitting on the kitchen counter, however, the cat was thwarted by the thick plastic wrapping. Kirstie McDermott, from Dublin, Ireland took to Twitter to share a photograph of the carnage in which the likely culprit is sitting on a nearby roof. In the tweet, McDermott said that the cat looked 'sheer evil and cunning', further adding that one could see 'satisfaction' in the cat's eyes.

In another related incident, the infidelity of a pet cat has come to light when one of the owners of the cat discovered that their cat Pixie was actually living two lives and was being cared for by two families. The cheating cat was discovered when the owner saw a new collar on the cat that she did not recognise after the cat had returned from his outdoor adventures.

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