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Netizens In India Flood Twitter With 'All Is Well' Memes After Trump's Tweet

After the US President Donald Trump issued an 'All is well" statement following Iran's missile attacks, netizens on twitter flooded twitter with memes.


After the United States' President Donald Trump issued an 'All is well" statement following Iran's missile attacks, Indian netizens on twitter flooded the microblogging platform with memes. Twitter was abuzz as US-Iran tensions escalated after Tehran fired over a dozen missiles on two Iraqi military bases hosting US-led coalition troops. Netizens were also furious that Trump had the audacity to say "All is well" when it was crystal clear that tractions between Washington and Tehran were at an all-time high. Hashtags like #IranAttacks and #IranvsUSA started trending on twitter with over 9,00,000 tweets. Donald Trump's tweet that led to the flooding of memes on Twitter. 

'All is well' memes

Here are some curated memes that Indian netizens have posted in relation to Iran-US tensions. 

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The missile attacks on the US-led forces came after Washington killed top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani on January 3. Washington alleges that Qassem Soleimani had single-handedly planned some of the deadliest attacks on US assets in the Middle East. United States has also blamed Soleimani for the recent attacks on the US embassy in Iraq, following which the Trump administration had to deploy more troops in Kuwait. Following the missile attacks, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif issued a statement where he called Tehran's action a "legitimate self-defence". 

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