Railway Ministry Shares Horrifying TikTok Video Of Train Stunt Gone Wrong, Issues Advisory

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Taking to the microblogging site, the Railway Ministry has urged citizens to follow rules and also stop others from p[erforming such dangerous stunts.  

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The Indian Railway Ministry on Tuesday has shared a horrifying TikTok video of a stunt gone wrong on a moving train. Taking to the microblogging site, the Ministry has urged citizens to follow rules and also stop others from performing such dangerous stunts.

The seven-seconds-long video, which appears to have been filmed by a passenger travelling on the train, shows a man hanging out of the doorway of the moving train. Only a second into the video, he loses his footing and falls off the train, almost getting run over as people watching the stunt scream in horror. At the end of the video, the man is sitting up as the train speeds past him and a passenger on it motions for him to stay still.

In the tweet, the Railway Ministry said, "Getting off the moving train or climbing is fatal, watch them lose their lives in the course of a stunt, but every time luck will not be with them. Please do not do this and do not let others do it too, life is priceless, do not put your life at stake in a stunt affair !!"

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Taking to Twitter, Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal also shared the same stunt video and said, "Showing stunts in a moving train is a sign of foolishness, not bravery. Your life is priceless, do not put it in danger. Follow the rules, and enjoy the safe journey."

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The deadly Skull Breaker Challenge

A new challenge has been doing the rounds on social media which has left parents worried for their children. The 'Skull Breaker Challenge' that is taking over TikTok and has been proven to be extremely dangerous. People around the world have been expressing their concern over the challenge and its repercussions.

TikTok trends take over the Internet faster than one can imagine. In the past, challenges like the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' and the 'Kiki Challenge' have proven to be dangerous in some way or the other. The latest challenge to grab people's attention is the 'Skull Breaker Challenge'.

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The challenge involves two people kicking the leg of a person who is jumping in the air. The two people, who are on each side of the one being targeted, kick the calves of the one in the middle while he/she is in the middle of the jump. This causes the person to fall on his back, which can cause serious injuries to their head. 

According to various reports, a number of people have been getting injured due to this challenge. A young boy has reportedly been to the ICU due to this challenge. A person has also been admitted in the hospital for a wrist injury that occurred during his attempt at the challenge.

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