Richest Beggars In India: How Much They Earn & How Deep Are Their Pockets?

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Begging is something that is looked down upon as it is expected to be the last resort for poor people who don’t know anything and don’t have any money.

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The words 'rich' and 'beggar' are not generally associated with each other. The sight of a beggar makes us fill with remorse and pity for them. We might feel bad for their conditions, considering they have no money, no work, and are left with no option except for begging. But there are some beggars in India, who have treated begging as a profession and earned lots of money. Shared below is a list of some of the richest beggars in India according to

List of Rich Beggars in India

Bharat Jain

Bharat is a forty-nine-year-old man who operates mainly in the Parel area of Mumbai, India. He is a professional and one of the richest beggars in India and is reported to earn nearly sixty thousand rupees per month by begging. He owns two apartments, each valued at seventy lakh rupees. Apart from this, he rented a Juice Centre and earns a rent of over ten thousand rupees per month.

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Sarvatia Devi

Sarvatia Devi is ranked amongst the richest female beggars in India. The top-ranking female beggar in India lives behind Ashok Cinema in Patna. She pays for an annual insurance premium of thirty-six thousand rupees by begging professionally. She has travelled across multiple destinations and to some holy places in India using her earnings.

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Sambhaji Kale

Sambhaji Kale is another professional beggar who owns a lot of real estates- the owner of one flat, one piece of land, and two individual houses in Solapur. He has made some investments worth thousands as well. Apart from these, he has a bank balance of over half a lakh.

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Krishna Kumar Gite

He is another professional beggar on the list and usually begs in the Charni Road area in Mumbai. He has got an apartment valued at five lakh rupees (INR). The apartment is located in Naallasopara, where he resided with his brother.

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Laxmi Das

Lakshmi Das started as a professional beggar at a very young age of sixteen. She has spent all her life begging for money and has saved most of it. Nearly 50 years later, she has a bank account to her name with a stable bank balance.

Above listed are some of the richest beggars in India at the moment. The assets in their name in the form of residential homes, apartments, and rented shops, along with stable bank balance and multiple investments, showcase their stability. These people have proven that beggars are not always what they seem from the outside – they may be earning well, contrary to what we think and believe!

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