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Good News: 11-year-old Girl Donates Her Piggy Bank To Help The Needy Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Amid coronavirus, Rishikesh's 11-year-old girl Alia Chawla, donates her piggy bank with Rs. 10,141 in it to the policemen in her attempt to fight COVID-19.

Rishikesh's 11-year-old girl donates her piggy bank to fight COVID-19

The fear and panic revolving around the novel coronavirus pandemic has escalated to an unprecedented level and so has the number of rise in cases of people affected from the deadly disease. While most people have been staying indoors, in isolation, a few others have been coming up with kindness and positivity during the bleak times. Recently, an 11-year-old girl handed over her piggy bank to the police officials and donated whatever money it had. 

Little citizen with a big heart

Alia Chawla, an 11-year-old girl, residing at Maniram Road in Rishikesh, reportedly donated her entire savings of a sum of Rs 10,141 to the policemen in Kotwali police station. In an attempt to provide a little help in order to combat the deadly COVID-19, the innocent little girl went to the Kotwali police station with her father and handed over her piggy bank. She reportedly, asked the policemen to break the piggy bank open and use whatever money it had for feeding the helpless animals and people, who have been starving amid lockdown. SSP Dharmendra Bisht and his team has reportedly started and promoted an initiative wherein they were dedicated to feed every single animal and person in the district, without fail, following which Alia and her father extended their support by the noble act of kindness.

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Where the number of infections and fatalities due to coronavirus are continuously climbing, these acts of kindness are spreading around positivity and hope. The worldwide infected count now stands over 1,347,340 and a fatality rate of over 47,765. India, however, has 4,778 cases of infected patients with a fatality count of 136.

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More acts of kindness by kids  

Time and again, people have come around with their kind acts in an attempt to spread around positivity. On top of everything, little kids consider it as their responsibility to contribute a bit towards the fight against COVID-19. Twitter has continued to be showered by the kind acts displayed by people all around the world.

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