Solar Eclipse 2019: Twitterati Calls Narendra Modi's Picture A Meme, PM Responds

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spontaneously responded to a Twitterati who had called his picture of viewing the solar eclipse to be a meme

Written By Misha Bhatt | Mumbai | Updated On:
Solar Eclipse

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday took to his official Twitter handle and responded to a Twitterati who trolled the PM's picture where he was trying to catch the glimpse of the last solar eclipse of 2019. The Twitterati commented on the picture of the Prime Minister and wrote, "This is becoming a meme".

Prime Minister Modi very spontaneously responded to the Twitterati and asked him to enjoy the meme. 

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In a picture posted by the Prime Minister on his official Twitter handle, the Prime Minister can be spotted wearing black glasses and looking towards the sky, trying to catch a glimpse of the last solar eclipse of the year and the decade. However, the Prime Minister expressed his disappointment and stated that he couldn't catch the glimpse of the solar eclipse.

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Last Solar eclipse of 2019 

Generally, during a solar eclipse, the moon intersects the light from the sun and there is a total blackout, as the sun is not visible. But this was not the case on Wednesday because the moon was a bit further away from the earth. Therefore, the people on the planet witnessed a ring of fire in the sky. This whole phenomenon is scientifically called as antumbra. Additionally, it is also called an annular eclipse or a partial eclipse, where the sun is not covered by the moon.

According to the Ministry of Earth sciences, the narrow corridor of the annular phase of the eclipse passed through the southern part of the country including places--like Cannanore, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Madurai, Mangalore, Ooty, and Tiruchirappalli. The obscuration of Sun by the Moon at the time of the greatest phase of the annular eclipse was nearly 93%. Also, with the movement from north and south of the country via the annular path, the duration of the partial eclipse decreased.

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