Video Of Newborn Giraffe Trying To Take Its First Step Delights Internet

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Video of a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time delights the internet. Animal attempts to get up after falling multiple times as he takes mini steps.

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A video of a baby giraffe taking his first steps shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Susanta Nanda on microblogging site Twitter has delighted the internet. The giraffe struggles as he experiences walking for the first time. The users are mesmerized at how the animal attempts to get up despite falling to his feet several times.

In the clip, the infant giraffe skitters in the barn not losing hope as he tries to walk desperately. He slumps to the floor each time but puts his feet forward covering a minute distance. The social media users are left speechless at the baby giraffe’s determination and spirit of not giving up.

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Baby giraffe attempts to stand up

The officer explains in the caption that the infant giraffes take their first wobbly steps for 30 to 60 minutes after birth and are able to run within an hour. The users online attributed this fact to giraffe’s perseverance for learning. The average newborn baby giraffe starts walking over 10,000 times faster than the typical human as per reports. A baby giraffe naturally attempts at standing up on its own and struggles profusely.

The users appreciated the video calling it inspirational and thanked the forest officer for sharing it. They left heartfelt comments on the tweet, some even shared informative lines about different species of animals and how they learned to walk.

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