Dog Sneaks On To Bus In UK, Ends Up At The Beach 18 Miles Away

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Dog had quietly sneaked out of his house in Colchester, Essex and boarded a bus to the seaside town of Clacton.He was noticed by a stranger and taken home.

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A 4-year-old dachshund named Frank reportedly sent his owner into a panic when he sneaked out of his house in Colchester, Essex. Frank had somehow managed to board a bus to the seaside town of Clacton. Frank was travelling on bus number 61 alone when a stranger saw him and intervened, taking him home.

Michelle Ballard, the dog owner told the media that she was terrified when she found out that her beloved pet has gone missing from the house. She added that she had no idea that the mischievous dog had strolled down the road and hopped on a bus. Michelle said that she hastily arranged a search party with friends, fellow dog walkers, and schoolchildren to find her pet.

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Michael noticed the sausage dog 

According to the reports, the dachshund had quietly escaped from the house and had boarded a bus outside for the seaside. He was happily travelling until a fellow passenger, Michael, noticed him and decided to investigate the matter. Michael spoke to the driver of the bus who hadn't noticed when the dog boarded. Michael convinced the driver to allow him to take the sausage dog to his home in Clacton. He stumbled on a Facebook appeal for the sausage dog’s whereabouts later that night and was able to arrange a reunion, said reports.

Michelle told the media that the bus driver should have noticed the dog is alone, and shouldn’t have allowed the creature to board, but what it seemed like is that the dog perhaps boarded when someone was paying, and the driver must have confused the person with the dog’s owner. She added that she was fortunate that there was a kind gentleman called Michael who offered to take the dog back to his own home in Clacton.

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Michelle added that the gentleman was going to take the dog to the vet in the morning, but he spotted the post on Facebook. She further added that her partner Jonathan picked the dog up at about 7 pm. Frank is reportedly safe and sound in his home with his best friends Charlie, a two-year-old sausage dog, and Freddie, his two-year-old human brother.

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